Sources: Evidence Of Sex And Drug Paraphernalia At East High School

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(Memphis) Some are calling it East High School's dirty little secret, and parents want something done about it.

WREG obtained pictures and videos of what some say is going on in the school's basement. A former teacher says there's evidence of both sex and drug paraphernalia.

Whistle blowers say it's happened for too long.

WREG has even heard from a former teacher of East High who says administration is well aware of the problem going on underground.

For any parent, the video is disturbing. It shows a total of 13 used condoms.

The person who sent WREG the video says the condoms were in the basement of East High School.

“There were little hangouts scattered all around in the tunnels with paraphernalia and trash all around,” the anonymous source said.

“That's not good at all. That doesn't sound like a good situation,” said Memphis resident Austin Collazo.

You'd think condoms scattered in a school basement would get the administration to act, but a former teacher wrote WREG, saying the principal has known about the problem for years.

He tells us, “When I brought it to their attention, nothing was done about it. This was frustrating. Then the first time I found a condom, I took a picture with my phone and sent it to the principal. He told me not to take pictures."

The former teacher also tells us he caught students naked together in this basement, a secret hideaway that's never been fully secured by staff.

Mary Underwood's daughter graduated from East High in 2012.

“What is your feeling hearing about that?” asked reporter Sabrina Hall.

“Sad. Worried about the kids that are still there,” said Underwood.

We asked Shelby County Schools about how this was happening in East High.

The chief communications officer responded, "If we are given verifiable information, I will comment. If not. I will not."

We asked if the district would go down in the basement to investigate, but nobody would give an answer.

As for the person who shot the video, he says “It looks like something in the administration is broken. And either, A) the people in charge do not care or B) the people in charge are too incompetent to fulfill their jobs as administrators."

We asked Shelby County Schools what it plans to do about this problem, but right now it refuses to accept these accusations.


      • Lashon

        East High are a great school. You peoples need to stop with all the haten you been doing. Kids are gonna fool around maken a big deal outta nothing OUR teachers are just as good as is other schools. Stop takin bad about my school fools.

    • HatesElvis

      Love the black man that wrote Elvis’s music or the black guy he stole his dance moves from, this has been going on in schools at least they use condoms. ..

  • Brandi

    Yes Lashon , that must be what it is. And with English like that, how could anyone refute your statement about receiving a “good” education.

    • Mph Pride

      For you and everyone else that always comment on a person grammar. THIS IS A BLOG and not a term paper so correct grammar don’t count. Lashon this does happen everywhere and I kinda feel like WREG thives on racist comments and news.

    • WhamBam

      Ok. First, Lashon never said that. Second, you can’t say East’s education system is bad or that the children aren’t being taught correctly (or at all). “Lashon” might not even be a student from East. Lashon could be somene who wants to make East look bad. Now, let’s try thinking before we jump to conclusions. :) ‘Kay bye.

  • Cole

    This is sad. What is sicker and much more tragic is – We keep putting people in charge that are incompetent. As a former teacher – I was accepted and even praised when not addressing anything to the leader of the school.. No discipline problems – not asking for help – accepting such things as seen in the basement of East High – gives the teacher a better evaluation…

  • Telco

    Let’s face the fact that not every kid is in school for the education. This is a widespread problem occurring at all ethnicities schools. I’m sure if you , investigated you would find similar activities in Germantown, Collierville, Millington etc… The only real difference is how it would be handled.

  • Steve D

    Everyone is focusing on the wrong thing there is a problem there that needs to be addressed and if your in a primary position of leadership step up and take controll,hold people accountable for their actions weather it be students or falculty,we need to get parents involved so they can have a roll in the displine process. If everyone gets involved there is no reason you all can,t restore East High School reputation for education and turn around some neglected students to make them become great products of society.

    • MissTee

      You cant ask parents to be accountable. That would be very politically unpopular. Plus, it’s a lot more fun and makes for better headlines to blame the schools and the teachers.

      • Don

        Some are calling it East High School’s dirty little secret, and parents want something done about it.

        Well, it seems to me, The question should be “What are the parents going to do? Remember these are the students that has been going to East a long time before you voted out the MCS. charter.

        First thing I would do is check the “evidence” for DNA samples and see if who’s DNA matches, be it students or facility.

  • TB

    My children went to East.The principal never acknowledged me at any point , when I visited the school. He never made eye contact either. There is clearly a lack of concern from some of administration.When you go to the main office the secretaries are rude and ghetto. You can be an educated idiot

  • TM

    I attend East High and im sure this isn’t the ONLY school who has secretive things and hideout spots going on so happen East just got caught… I mean class is in session who would even think about someone being down in the basement East is an amazing school how about they capture our empowering teachers and all the other good stuff instead of the negativity WOWWWWZERRRRSSSS people should be honest with themselves this really should not be so shocking… I love my school were we ACTUALLY LEARN and strive for success everyday and whoever recorded this how disloyal of you

    • MissTee

      The local news media in Memphis will never, ever do a positive story about the public schools. It would not fit their predetermined storyline. East High, or any other Memphis school, could discover a cure for cancer in the chemistry lab and it would either not be covered, or they’d find some way to make it racially divisive.

    • formermemphian

      Yet another example of poor grammar from EHS. MCS truly needs to steep up. Those few the actually graduate, rarely secede in life. Memphis needs to become one – THRIVE and JOIN in each others success.

    • Mackey

      Sorry….but not every school has this issue. I’m sure you’re trying to do the typical black folk tactic of “Deflection”….but…..nahh..not all schools have THIS kind of secret.

      • EverybodyShouldWakeUP

        Typical black folk tactic of deflection…? Turn on your Fox news, Cnn, MSNBC, talk shows, etc. White media LOVES to use deflection and i can show u PLENTY of instances in the past 3 months where they do this. And when white people or white celebs mess up or get caught with their hands in the cookie jar….they always have to bring up somebody black that did that or “doesnt this remind u of blah blah blah…” U can kill that sir…i see this all the time.

    • Harper

      TM, Lashon and the video of the condoms are textbook examples why I moved my family out of Memphis. Good God, these girls write as if they are in the third grade. Who in the hell “teaches” grammar at East High School?

      • Keelie

        If you had to move your family out of Memphis in order for them to act proper, there must have been something wrong with the way you were training them. All teenagers are not participating in this act. If you teach your children to be honest, work hard in school,. treat others as you would like to be treated and most importantly to pray and love others for who they are, it doesnt matter where they live, they can grow up and do things that can embarass you for the rest of your life. And if you are a n adult you should watch your language. Seems like someone else needs to be taught a few things. Its nice just to be nice to others. What you put out is what will come back to you. Let’s just learn to be kind to one another.

  • Lady Elle

    I am a graduate of East High. It’s sad to hear things such as these accusations going on. Which I am sure that it probably was going on while I was there but it wasn’t as obvious.

  • B. Jack

    Actually no this is not the norm for most schools. No wonder people (black and white) move from Memphis to DeSoto for better schools. My husband and I will do the same especially since we live in East High’s district.

  • Leslie Roy

    I love how the people defending this school can’t even put a sentence together using proper English. Way to East High School!!!

  • It'sme

    I love how every comment about grammar has grammatical errors. I graduted from Central High in the late 90’s and we definitely had areas like this. I had to shed a tear when I came home to visit and saw the old Crump Stadium destroyed. You can lie to yourselves if you want, but this goes on at every High School. The County students can afford a higher grade of weed and better condoms. That is the only difference.

  • jon

    Lashon, your paragraph writing alone and grammar are undeniable proof that your school are nowhere near as good as anyone elses!

    • Keelie

      Did you just say ” your school are” and you are attempting to correct someone else about his or her grammar.? This is ridiculous !!!

  • Larry

    Come on people this is going on everywhere. Why do the media in this town look to drag the schools down so bad? Vultures!

  • Steven Hunter

    Things like this don’t happen in all schools but when you have administrative people in charge that are either to lazy or to incompetent them selves to do anything about it, it will happen they should all be fired for letting this happen.If I was a parent of a child here I would be demanding something be done.(or a teacher that cared)

  • Hope

    I moved away from Memphis. It’s really sad how stupid everyone there are complete idiots and don’t even realize it. SO sad…

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