Police Called To School After Student Frightened By Man

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(Memphis) A little girl on her way to school Tuesday experienced some frightening moments.

A fourth-grader says a man walked up to her and starting talking to her.

"It’s very scary and it’s very wrong," Yolanda Brown said.

Neighbors are concerned that this is the second scary situation with a student walking to one of the Raleigh-Egypt schools in two weeks.

The fourth-grader told police a man walked up and started talking to her on Kerwin Street, one block from her elementary school.

“That’s perverts and they need to be locked up,” Brown said.

Police say the little girl ran off, got to school, and police were called.

Officers spent the morning talking to the little girl and circling the neighborhood.

Police determined incident was not an attempted abduction, but it's the second time in two weeks police have been called here.

On January 9th a 15-year-old girl was walking to school when she was almost abducted. She escaped and is fine, although that man managed to quickly grab her.

“It’s a concern kids are always a concern,” said neighbor Roy Rogers, who has an 8-year-old granddaughter.

"We constantly tell her she’s pretty good about that, if anybody say or do anything, she'll let us know about it," he added.

Shelby County Schools sent a letter home to parents alerting them of the recent incident.

The district say it's talking to kids about safety and encourages parents to do the same.

Neighbors say that conversation is a must because two scares in a matter of two weeks near the same school is two too many.


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