Schools Closing Friday Due To Weather

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(McNairy County, TN) McNairy County and Fayette Schools will be closed Friday.

Cold weather forced the closings.

Highs Friday are expected to be at or below freezing.

Click HERE for more closings.


  • Rochelle Phillips

    We have to remember not all kids ride a bus or have a ride to school. I dont to walk to my car least alone several miles in these cold harsh wind.

  • langor1

    Schools what are you teaching our kids, run from the most minor adversity? Fear the weather? God forbid we ever get into a real mess in this country with all the wusses we have at the wheel.

    • Gilly

      Memphis Schools taught our kids nothing. Except how to skip school, cheat, call racism…That it all.. Being too cold is not one of them.

  • Cierra

    All of y’all are very ignorant. What about the fact that children have to stand outside in this weather to wait for a bus? Does that sound safe to you? You all need to think before you speak.

    • recall

      Parents should be responsible for their own children. I drove mine to school everyday. If you don’t want them having to stand outside in the cold waiting on the bus, you should take them. Do you think it is the governments responsibility to raise your kids??????

      • Cierra

        That just shows how ignorant you are. I’m a senior in high school and have no children. And some parents can not take their children to school because they actually have jobs. So once again, think before you speak. The ignorance is real.

      • Cierra

        Which is why parents have jobs!! I KNOW everything is not free. That’s why my mom goes in at 5am. She does it to take care of my family!!! The fact that you are actually arguing with a seventeen year old is ridiculous. Stop being so ignorant and immature. Thanks.

      • Tinikia Jones

        You’re an idiot if there ever was one. What the hell does that have to do with the government raising someone’s children and if that’s the case I guess they’re raising yours too since they’re in the public school system dummy.

      • Gilly

        Recall, you are a dip…sorry …that was simply the easiest way to tell you that your an idiot. I work, my husband works and your saying I should NOT have children if I can’t take them to school everyday? Considering how crappy our wonderful little town is , and how they will take the food out of our childrens hands to feast and drive a new car, your bright comment is don’t have kids?? Recall for President in 2016..”cuz he be bright n stuffz”

    • Toby

      I’m sorry I walked a half a mile to my bus stop when I was a kid and sometimes there was a foot of snow on the ground. Maybe you should think about whether you can provide warm clothes for a kid before you decide to push one out.

      • Cierra

        I don’t even have any kids? Why would you assume that? Maybe I’m just sticking up for the ones who have to stand outside. And I am. I’m only a senior man. I was just speaking what I thought because everyone else thought that it was ok for them to. So don’t jump on me. Sorry if I offended you at all.

      • Gilly

        Unless you around 65 or so do not say you walked to school, barefoot, without underwear , and a simple t-shirt. Seriously…step away from that stupid story that we have all heard. Btw..My bus stop was down a HUGE hill..but I had shoes, a coat, and clothes…It was about a half a mile. Seriously let it were not nekkid,,,with no shoes…for 10 miles…step away from that stupid story LOL

    • Jane Hopke

      My mom always made sure that I had clothing that was appropriate to the weather, especially since I walked 3 blocks to elementary school and middle school and 7 blocks to high school. It was only when it was below ZERO degrees that I got a ride to school.

    • langor1

      Wow Cierra, you are obviously not ignorant, just plain stupid. People have been going to school in weather like this and much worse for centuries, you aren’t a princess.

  • raven

    ^^^^^ @ recall. wow…you actually sound so ignorant. every parent is not able like you are ms best parent of 2014. please save that.

  • Tata

    Cierra thank you!!Hon !!!You’re just a baby with more sense than the adults on here posting!!So called mature adults the bible says and a child will lead them!!! Adults still in training take notes!!Tuh!!SMH!!!

  • Delisha

    There are people who are not as fortunate as others. Some people do not own cars and may live in the back woods somewhere where there only means of transportation is a bus. So for those of you who feel as though they are wrong for closing the schools in these particular counties they did their research and made a choice best suited for the children. Cierra keep that wonderful state of mind you are going to be a great person contributing to our future.

  • Tondra

    Yeah, y’all can go ahead and push for YOUR kids to go to school. Meanwhile I’ll just keep warm and try not to get frostbite. I mean it so easy to try and push us out into freezing/below freezing weather when you don’t have to worry about it, right. I wore an undershirt, a long sleeve tee, a jacket and a heavy coat with boots and a hat and I was STILL freezing while walking into my school and going between classes so yeah, this isn’t just some average little chill we need to hash it through. And another thing, I really don’t care how you survived nearly freezing to death walking several blocks to your school, just because you did it, it doesn’t mean that me or any other kid has to go through that as well.

  • Jasmine

    Children up north walk to school in snow and below freezing temps. There is no excuse on why kids cant put on coats and a hat and go to school. If we had a month with temps below freezing the kids would never get an education because they would miss a month of school. So what makes Memphis any different from Chicago or Detroit kids?
    I know people are going to say “oh well we are not use to it”. Better get use to it because an education is more important then the cold weather outside.
    Furthermore missing all of these days is not doing anything but making kids go to school longer in May and June. Then everyone is going to say “they should have went to school. That’s the county fault they didn’t go to school.” like always you cant please people in Memphis. That is why we have a high poverty rate and low school scores.

    • Michelle

      I was raised in NY majority of my life, and yes, we did go to school in 4-5 inches of snow. However, when I moved to Memphis 7 yrs ago, I did notice that there is a slight difference….Memphians are not used to this kind of weather. My body adjusted to the coldness out here, and I wouldn’t be caught dead in NY during this time of year because I know that I would be miserable. The temps this past month have made me feel as if I was still in NY at times. The other difference between here and most northern locations is that the students do not have to keep going in and out of the building to get to another class, they are inside all day long. High school students have to do this, which is a major problem when a particular class is giving off enough to make a person sweat under all of the clothes that they have on. Hence leaving your pores open and In turn, can and usually does escalate to possibilities of pneumonia, flu, and other illnesses because of the constant going in and out of different temperature changes. So as the persons that are saying there are other considerations to take in place other than just waiting outside for a bus.

    • Briana

      _ Jasmine No Offense But People Down Here Arent Use 2 These Cold Weather Changes And The People At School Are Letting The Kids Miss 1 Day That’s Better Than Them Missing An Immense Ammount Of Days From Being Sick Just Saying U Soumd Very Selfish And Rude Toward Then Kids Who Actually Have 2 Deal With This Type Of Weather

  • Renae

    I teach in a school where we endured a very cold building for a week, because boilers where not heating correctly. As a result, lots of students, faculty and staff became ill including myself. Therefore, the decision made may not be based on how students get to school or what they wear, but on the condition of the buildings.

  • Joe Censored

    I went to school in Cleveland, OH, If we had people making decisions to close as they do here, we would have not went to school from December to March… Pathetic wimps down here. Put an extra layer on and get on the bus.

  • mikayla

    I go to SCS im in middle school, i actually wanna go to school
    We have work, test or something new to learn about…
    The weather cant stop me from learing what i have too.

  • Ethan

    To be honest I could care less if we have to go or not. They make jackets to stay warm, just like they make air conditioners to stay cool in the summer. Does this mean we could possibly get out because its too hot? Doubt it. Parents get your children jackets and send em to school if we have to go and if not then dont worry about it. Simple as that!

  • Bridget

    I’m a junior in Hardeman Co. We do have heating systems however we have the biggest flu outbreak in the state. When we change classes, a short walk in the wind is harsh and it takes forever to stay warm. And yes we wear jackets and boots etc. We also have a lot of backroads that are very curvy and may ice over making it very dangerous for kids and buses to travel. You should educate yourselves in the facts before making ridiculous statements and assumptions. Our county simply does not want to jepordize our health or safety and everyone appreciates that.

    • langor1

      Flu is a different issue for closing schools, ice only forms when there is water on the roads and it has been dry. Wear the jacket, go to school, quit being an enabler.

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