Woman Hit And Killed By Semi-Truck

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(Memphis)  A woman was killed Tuesday morning when she was hit by a tractor trailer at Poplar at Kirby during rush hour.

Germantown police say 67-year-old Elizabeth Guess of Memphis was crossing the street against the light when she was hit by the semi truck that was turning from Kirby Parkway on to Poplar.

Witnesses say the driver of the truck never saw Guess and dragged her several hundred feet.

"I did a u-turn and got in front of the truck and stopped him but by then it was too late," Ron Garrison.

Ron Garrison, who was also driving in the intersection, said he honked his horn and flashed his light to stop the truck driver from turning, but couldn't get his attention.

He said the woman tried to get out of the intersection, but fell to the ground.

"Just a horrible, horrible event," said Inspector Lee Covey with Germantown Police.

Covey say the woman was trying to cross Poplar to catch a bus on the other side when she was hit.

He said it appears the truck driver had come to a complete stop at the red light before he turned right and hit the pedestrian.

The accident blocked off the west bound lanes of traffic on Poplar for hours and is still under investigation.

So far, the driver of the semi has not been charged with anything.


  • John

    People jay walk there ALL THE TIME, including bus driers trying to run across Poplar to get to McDonalds.. People stand in the turning lane as well.

  • Jacob

    He shouldn’t be charged with anything. It was an accident. That kind of thing could happen to anyone. Its just as much of a pedestrians responsibility, if not more so, to look both ways before crossing the street. I have lived in that area for over 20 years and people cross legally and illegally in that exact area all the time. Its just a shame that she may have been saved if she hadn’t been drug by the truck. Its hard enough that he has to live with the guilt of being partially responsible in her death. I will be sending prayers out to the victim and her family as well as the driver.

    • whoyoukiddin

      Yes, he has to live with this for the rest of his life, but in no way was he responsible for her death. She was responsible for her life and the minute she ignored the law of crossing against the light she took her own life into her own hands. It was a horrible accident for the driver of the truck.

      • Megan Galbreath

        You might want to make sure you know all the fact before saying she chose to take her own life because that’s not what happened she slipped and fell and the driver ran over her. Besides that you are downing a dead woman who left behind family and we the family don’t want to see your negative remarks about something you don’t have all the fact about. R.I.P. Elizabeth may you fly high and watch over everyone. We all love and miss you dearly.

  • Megan Galbreath

    This has hit home really hard. You will be greatly missed all family and friends. My thoughts are with Martin, bird, & other son and most importantly you grandkids. May you rest in peace Elizabeth Guess. Gone but never forgotten

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