Overnight Shooting Critically Injures Man

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(WREG-TV) A man is in critical condition at the MED after an overnight shooting in Northeast Memphis.

Police were called to the America’s Best Value Inn at Sycamore View and Shelby Oaks just after 1:30 a.m. Tuesday.

Police say the victim was involved in a disturbance at another location and ended up at the motel after being shot.

Police say the man was shot twice — once in the chest and once in the hip.

So far, police haven’t made any arrests in this case but they have identified a person of interest.

Anyone with information that could help police solve this case should call Crime Stoppers at (901) 528-CASH.


    • Don

      Brenda, I love my city also, that why I don’t live Memphis.
      50 years ago I was proud to say I lived in the Memphis area, No more!
      I don’t carry a weapon unless I go to Memphis.

      • Cj

        We’ll don this not 50 years ago… If this city disgusts you so bad and you moved away. Why are you looking at Memphis local news and leaving comments?

      • Toby

        Because like most of us CJ we like reading the ignorant blind idiots who live here excuse every crime with “Crime be happenin everwhere u goes” ruse to try and make up justification for it all.

      • Cj

        Well Toby crime does happen everywhere that is just the Truth… But then again you probably don’t know anything about the truth do you?

      • Toby

        Crime doesn’t happen everywhere, I know places where crime like Memphis doesn’t happen, it’s just you people are so stupid and uneducated you think the world is like a Lil Wayne video or Boyz in the Hood because that’s all you have ever been around. Top 100 best places to live in the USA look it up sometime and while you’re at it look up the top 25 most dangerous neighborhoods in the USA, and look at what they all have in common.

        Come into reality once in awhile, you’ll learn something.

  • Russ Brown

    Well, I know that area well and it’s a hot bed of drug activity in that area now. All the motels are full of crack dealers, and don’t think those managers don’t know. Heck, for a little money a crack dealer can almost run the place. Knowing that area like I do, it wouldn’t be surprised in the least if it was a drug deal gone bad. I avoid most golf Memphis like the plague, including the Sycamore View and I-40 motels and area.

    • Cj

      Crack? That area is full of meth heads and people that cook meth… So I’m pretty sure that you do know that area very well

    • if u knew who i was..u would b shocked!

      @RUSS BROWN, when you tried to correct your comment. You messed up and put “golf” in there. Now, what you were trying to say is, “when you go and play putt putt golf on sycamore view, you havent had any problems.” YOU KNOW YOU LIVE IN MEMPHIS. dont be ashame, you are not memphis and you are not committing the crimes,,,,,,i dont understand why people take it so personally when fool go bad in memphis. hell it’s not me…memphis dont represent me!!!!!!

  • Louisville via Memphis

    My wife use to work at the Applebee’s right next door to it,and I know for a fact that all you’ll find up there is heroin and prostitutes…I also lived right down the street in the Edgewater apartments for the last 7 years until just recently moving up here to Louisville,Ky…Crack’s long gone my friends…heroin’s taken over……

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