Easy Way Owner Killed During Robbery

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(Memphis) The grandson of the founder of Easy Way Grocery Stores was shot and killed Monday morning during a robbery.

Employees at the Easy Way Distribution Center on South Mendenhall in Southeast Memphis say David Carter was found dead inside the business.

Police say it appears he was ambushed shortly after arriving there alone early Monday morning.

"It appears when he went in the business he was approached by unknown individual or individuals," said Col. Mike Ryall.

Easy Way is family-owned business started by the Carter family in 1932.

There are six of produce-only grocery stores in Memphis.

According to their website, David Carter and his brother has been running day-to-day operations at the business since their father retired.

Employees who showed up at the business Monday morning were stunned to find out someone had murdered their boss and that the business was closed for the day.

"I’m just really upset right now. I really don’t have anything to say I just talked to him. I’m praying for his family," said Cedric Watson.

Carter's wife, Karen Sanders Carter, is a justice court judge in Desoto County.

Carter's family members spent most of the morning at the Easy Way Distribution Center comforting one another.

So far, police have not release any type of suspect information.

If you know anything, call Crime Stoppers at 528-CASH.




  • don't judge

    Sad story. My condolences but God don’t like ugly. He will get you back I
    n many ways…Karen Sanders be careful who and how u judge. I was in court with many others but me being black I had to have money then or go to jail but u let the whites have time to get theirs n get another
    court date!!!! Being prejudice ain’t right….be careful

    • Jason

      Sears on Winchester closes , Target on Winchester closes, Macy’s on Winchester closes , do you see a pattern ?

  • cheryl

    Wow megan McCulloch my daughter worked for Steven Carter in hornlake and the whole family were great to her she was working there when she was killed in 07 this family needs all our prayers I pray GOD will find this person and bring justice to them and peace to the family really sad.

  • Sally Smith

    All racists need to be banned from making comments here. You are DANGEROUS. I have emailed WREG about you before and have refused to engage in conversation with you…..You sully my name and the names of all other innocent people. WREG must condone your words because they continue to let you rant and spill your anger and hatred here. The response I received from WREG was so lame and tepid that I really believe they are on your side. I believe in free speech, but you are ABUSING this precious right.

    • valeria

      The race of the perpetrator was not mentioned, so your attempt to connect criminal blacks with this story is WAY out in left field…Thanks for proving that you don’t have to be a liberal Democrat to be an idiot…

      • Johndavid4chan

        You’re joking, right? All racism aside, it was a murder, in Memphis, in hickory hood.. It was clearly a black male.

        I would bet my next full paycheck, even give you 20-1 odds, that it was a black male. You won’t take that bet though, because you know deep down who did it.

    • Cj

      Did you know that white people commit 66.7% of the crime in Tennessee … Where as blacks only commit 33.3 %. So I ask you Truthy who are the real criminals? You can look at these numbers for yourself on the TBI website. Thank you and have a blessed day

    • PeaceMaker@whycantwebefriends

      Sally,40% of these people are trolls..the rest are just upset,angry at the situation and are speaking their minds. It’s gonna happen on the internet.

  • ElvisRules

    knowing this man personally, you hateselvis need to gain a little respect obviously your not celebrating MLKing day instead your just being another savage thug!! Show some respect the man was killed and his family is left without him so once again show some respect or shut your trap!If you knew the man then you could talk but it is obvious you did not.

    • ElvisRules

      Another thing why does it always revolve around color it does not matter if the robbers were green and from mars WRONG IS WRONG and murder is WRONG.This man always helped people and his whole family works there so SHOW SOME RESPECT!How would you feel if it was your family?

  • GetReal

    Robert L Walker, the resident bigot. Fake Viet. Vet. Fake purple heart and all mouth. How is that cotton chopping going?. Wheelchair getting stuck in the rows? Don’t you live very close to this family. You should be a shame but knowing you, you aren’t. You’re just a very bitter, old, jealous, hateful man that wants to blame the white man for you low achievements. No wonder your family can’t tolerate you.

  • dont worry about it

    all yall cowards hide behind these post. because you dont have the heart to say how you really feel in public because you would get your head cracked.

    • joe

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  • Murray Hogarth

    HatesElvis, WREG removed my comments and have allowed your comments to stay, don’t say they allow comments about blacks to stay.

  • Hard Truths

    Most of the comments above make me ashamed to be white. Some really disgusting people here.

    I love Easy-Way, shop there several times a week, love the produce and they play the BEST music!

    My condolences to a decent, honest man who ran a decent, honest business.

    Memphis is just as racist as when I came here 50 years ago. Why does WREG tolerate these ugly bigots?

  • bjguy

    All race should be ashame to be at one another like this how can you love God whom you have never seen and hate your brother whom you see daily.I have no hatred words for anyone .You all should be ashamed when you get on here and bash each other with racial slurs.Its time to get real people are losing there life and you get on here to bash each other.Lets pray for the problem instead of bashing about whose white or black.People have lost there life Im sure someone in their family reads these comments also lets encourage the families with kind words, uplifting them because someone is hurting this is not the place for this.Hatred Im glad I dont have to wake up everyday with this in my heart.Im sure its miserable

  • VoiceOfReason

    I hope the people commenting on here are happy, I know this family personally and I know they don’t care about racism in Memphis they don’t care what color skin the person who did this is… They don’t care about what any of you are arguing about… Can’t you see they just lost their dad, owner, leader, friend… Nothing you fools babble on about will bring him back… You all need to take a look in the mirror and think to yourself BEFORE you press enter… “Is this comment necessary?” Because from what I am reading it doesn’t appear as though anyone cares about the family who is dealing with a dead father… You’re more worried about racism… Who gives a sh1t about racism right now… Who gives a sh1t about politics… I’ll tell you this much nobody that is close to this family does… So take your comments about race and all of your bickering and go somewhere else… Take it to youtube… There are millions of videos you can race bash on there… Leave this article to people who actually care about the dead…

    All of you should be ashamed… Honestly you all give Memphis a bad name… Fighting about race at a time like this… Amazing…

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