Customers Remember The Life Of Easy Way Co-Owner David Carter

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(Memphis) For decades, the Easy Way produce stores have been a staple in the Memphis community, dating back to 1932 when Pete Carter, the current owners' grandfather, opened the first location.

Jim Cross is an Easy Way customer

"This is a well-established business. It's been here forever. It has major clientele," Cross said.

It's almost no surprise that customers can't believe 57-year-old David Carter, the Easy Way co-owner, was shot and killed at the company's distribution center on South Mendenhall Monday morning.

Police say Carter was murdered inside the business during a robbery. They aren't saying what was taken, but he was likely ambushed when he arrived alone.

"This is really sad," Cross said.

Easy Way's website shows pictures of several generations of the Carter family and tells how David and his brother, Barry, Jr., expanded the produce-only stores throughout Memphis.

Customers such as Jim Cross and Millie Higgenbottom remember meeting and talking with David Carter, and say he was a big reason they shopped here.

"I met him before in here, talking with him about their products and where they get their produce and that type of thing. I'm interested in that. I raise a garden myself," Cross said.

"I came here all the time and I go to the one on Winchester and I've been to the one on Mendenhall. I have met him, but that was just awful. That's really awful," Higgenbottom said.

Many friends turned to social media sites like Twitter and Facebook to offer their condolences to the Carter family and express their sadness and anger about their loss.

David Carter was a business owner many described as a friendly, hardworking man who had a great relationship with customers.

"Nice guy. He gave us good deals. we bought for our church and he gave us cases of stuff at good prices. Nice guy, really nice guy," Higgenbottom said.

Carter was married to DeSoto County Justice Court Judge Karen Sanders-Carter.


  • Russ Brown

    What a shame for someone to take the life of good person and such a benefit for those in the Memphis community over a few dollars. I just think of all the people who would have been touched by his humanity and generosity had he been given the opportunity to live on.

  • ElvisRules

    Statistics say Memphis is one of the Worst cities in the country! Your right Statistics dont lie! And sadly enough this is a very sad example of this.

  • Don

    David Carter was one of the cities brightest people in Memphis and and was taken away by a lowdown bottom feeding thug. and you can place the blame on the lap of the Memphis leadership who does not deserve to be in office. They really don’t care about the people who has worked a lifetime to make Memphis what it used to be, a great lace to live. they just look for ways to fleece the taxpayors.
    What a mess the voters hve voted in the past few years.

  • CJB

    Things are happening in Tipton and Fayette County. I wish people would understand that is not JUST Memphis, crime is EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaghhhhhhhhhhh……..yall closed minded people………………SMH

  • Janet Scoggan-Thomas

    Just sad, just senseless, horrible. For a few bucks to buy drugs? Freaking horrible people in this world. Take the life of another human being so that you can steal from him and spend the $$$ to get high. Whomever did this is a P O S. God bless Mr. Carter, his family and his loved ones.

  • AA

    My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and as a former easy way employee I knew him to be a nice and hard working man. of course no one is perfect but David Carter appeared to be one of the good guys but I would be interested to know more details of the motive of the crime not to be insensitive but there is always usually more to the story then what is reported and I hope justice is brought to the fullest extent.

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