Two Arrested For Murder Of ASU Football Player

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(Jackson, TN) Two Jackson men were arrested for the murder of an ASU football player and another man, as well as the attempted murder of a third person.

Nineteen-year-old Johnny Wade was arrested around 6 a.m. Saturday morning in Ripley, Tenn.

Investigators said Johnny was the second robber and gunman, along with 22-year-old Derrick Wade, who was arrested Friday.

Wade is charged with two counts of felony murder of Markel Owens and Johnny Shivers, especially aggravated robbery of Shivers, attempted first-degree murder of Chermaine Owens, aggravated assault of a 16-year-old male and tampering with evidence.

Owens was a football player at Arkansas State University.

Wade’s bond will be set Saturday morning, and a release from Jackson police says no bond is a possibility.

His arraignment is scheduled for Tuesday.

Police say Shivers was jumped by two masked men and forced inside a duplex in the 700 block of Walker Road Wednesday.

Owens and his mother were inside the home.

Police say the suspects demanded money and Shivers fought back, assisted by Owens.

The suspects shot the two men and Owens’ mother.

Police found a large amount of marijuana inside the apartment and say the suspects got away with a large amount of cash. They believe the robbers already knew about the drugs and cash, and therefore targeted Shivers.

Investigators learned one of the robbers was shot in the thigh, which led them to Wade.

Chermaine Owens has been released from the hospital.


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