‘Duck Dynasty’ Ratings Down Sharply For Season Five Premiere

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Is ‘Duck Dynasty’ paying the price for patriarch Phil Robertson’s controversial interview with GQ magazine or are loyal Robertson fans punishing A & E for its brief suspension of the family’s leader?

Ratings for Wednesday night’s fifth season premiere, which was the first new episode since the remarks led to a firestorm of criticism, were down 3.3 million from last summer’s record-breaking season four launch but on par with last winter’s premiere.

That show was seen by 11.8 million viewers, a record for the reality series on A & E.

Some experts had even expected a ‘scandal bump’ increase in the show’s ratings.

They thought supporters would turn out in large numbers as a response to A & E’s decision to briefly suspend Robertson over his comments on homosexuality and racism.

Retail chains have tried to cash in on the controversy with new displays of ‘Duck Dynasty’ merchandise.

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  • Michael

    The low rating may be partly due to reaction of Robertson’s bigotry, but also because of viewers finding out what a bunch of phonies these guys are. Yuppies who grew beards and decided to act out “skits that we come up with” and call it a reality show.

  • BamBam84

    Because he doesn’t want to judge anybody and leave it up to God to decide what to do with them in the endgame, he’s a bigot? People have spewn a LOT worse than that from there pie holes. Let’s be honest. It’s not about the not wanting anything to do with homosexuality. He brought his views of religion or spirituality into it and now everybody’s in an uproar.
    I respect him for saying what he believes, but for the love of humanity. Can they please stop shoving Duck Dynasty EVERYTHING in our faces everywhere we go? Jeeeeez.

  • John John

    I get it, we get it, we all get it. I love the Robertson’s but as another has said, just tired of seeing and hearing “Duck Dynasty” everywhere we go. I wish the Robertson’s well but like any fad or show there comes an end to the run. Next.

  • no

    we always watch Duck Dynasty on Comcast’s On Demand channel – we never get to watch it in Prime Time … perhaps there are lots who do that as well.

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