Ultimate Foods Seared Tuna and Ginger Dressing

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For those you who are working on getting and staying fit in 2014 but you don't want to keep eating the same thing, we have the perfect recipe for you today.

Chef Rick McCracken is cooking up a tuna dish that will help you keep your plans alive.





Ultimate Foods Seared Tuna

8 oz Ahi Tuna Steak

½ Cup Cabbage Shredded

¼ Cup Red Cabbage Shredded

¼ Cup Carrots Carrots

¼ Cup Sugar Snap Peas Diced

1 oz sesame seeds

1 oz Black Sesame seeds

Sesame Oil


  1.  Wash the Tuna Steaks with Cold Water
  2. Coat both sides with Sesame Oil
  3. In a Bowl mix the Sesame Seeds and dip 1 side of the Tuna in the seeds
  4. In a skillet over Medium heat sear both sides of the tuna.  About 1:30 on each side for a Medium Rare.
  5. Slice against the grain of the Tuna
  6. Combine all the vegetables together in 2 salad bowls
  7. Put 4 oz of tuna on each





Ginger Dressing

16 oz Rice Vinegar

1 Lemon Juiced

1 small Carrot

½ stalk of celery

1 Tbl of minced Garlic

3 oz Ginger

12 oz Soy Sauce

8 oz Olive Oil

12 oz Sesame Oil

Salt and Pepper to taste


Combine Rice Vinegar, lemon, carrot, celery ginger and garlic in a  food processor.  Then combine the rest of ingredients and us an immersion blender to mix.

Yield:  48 oz