Neighborhood Christian Center Needs Help Aiding Families

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(Memphis) A Memphis organization aimed at helping local families in need is in need itself.

The Neighborhood Christian Center says its hands are tied when it comes to helping families build homes.

They have hundreds of requests and not enough donations.

Neighborhood Christian Center Workers helped a family load up two mattresses and a TV to take home with them.

Now, there are only three mattresses left to help other families find something to sleep on.

“This is a critical shortage,” said President Ephie Johnson.

Johnson showed News Channel 3 around the warehouse on Scott Street Thursday.

There’s not much there, just a few couches and tables.

Not nearly enough to help the hundreds of backlogged requests over the last two months.

Every week, dozens of families turn to the non-profit for things like couches, drawers and stoves, but right now the center just doesn’t have enough donations for every request.

The growing list is so overwhelming, it brought Johnson to tears.

She feels helpless.

“It makes me feel like, they feel. When you can’t help people, the way you want to help them,” said Johnson.

So the center is asking for help.

Furniture is one of the biggest demands from the thousands of families it helps each year and donations are down over the last six months.

Johnson says furniture you're getting rid of or have no use for may not mean much to your family anymore, but it does for these families starting out, or starting over.

“A dining room table is the homework center, where you eat your meal, where they come together and hand out. These are much more than furniture, it means building a home.

The Neighborhood Christian Center picks up donations from around the city.

If you would like to help, give them a call at 901-881-6013.

You can also email the organization.

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