Dozens Of Dead Geese Dumped At Coahoma County Intersection

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(Coahoma County, MS) There's a Mississippi mystery: Who dumped more than two dozen federally protected birds on a road near Clarksdale?

The snow geese and wood ducks were all found dead.

No one knows who killed the birds or why, but a Coahoma County supervisor is outraged and plans to find out.

"As far as I'm concerned it's a malicious act, it's a selfish act."

Chris Overton, District 2 supervisor for Coahoma County, didn't hide his anger over the killing of more than two dozen migratory birds.

They were found dumped near the Clarksdale city limits.

"I had a friend of mine call me the other afternoon and told me that somebody dumped some geese out in the middle of the road," said Chris Overton.

The wind that once lifted the birds into flight, now only ruffles the feathers of snow geese and a few wood ducks, apparently shot death.

Chris Overton contacted the game warden for the Coahoma County area and was told there's no limit or fine for killing the fowl, which migrate to the Delta every year about this time.

It is, however, a federal violation to dispose of the birds in this manner, a violation that could bring stiff fines.

Chris Overton says whoever is responsible could face local charges as well.

"The issue comes when you dump then on a county road. That would be considered an illegal dumping site and that's a $500 fine," said Overton.

Many farmers in the Delta consider the geese a nuisance because they eat grain and seed from farmland.

Chris Overton hopes someone will report the person who dumped the geese and ducks at the intersection of Bennett and Payne Roads, because Overton says it's just plain wrong.

"I've always been taught that you only kill what you can eat. Throwing them on the side of the road like that, you know, it puts a bad taste in my mouth," said Overton.

Your urged to call the Coahoma County Sheriff's Department if you have information on who dumped the geese and ducks on the road.

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  • Don

    This kind of thing would not go unpunished in Memphis because the city has way to many cameras on its streets.
    Put a bounty up for the culprits. some one will squeal.

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