New Student Application Fee Waiver Program At The University Of Memphis

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(Memphis) At the University of Memphis,  students such as Chrystal and Steven Turner, who are also married, are getting a hard lesson in life on the alarming cost of college.

"We are actually calculating and making sure we have enough financial aide to cover this semester," Chrystal Turner said.

"We are students that struggle financially ourselves, especially for students coming out of high school that don't have jobs," Steven Turner said.

It's that time of year when many high school seniors will begin applying for college and they, along with their parents, will soon get a financial reality check.

Betty Huff is vice provost of Enrollment Services at the University of Memphis.

"Over 50 percent of our incoming freshman class are on what's called the Pell Grant, which means they are financially needy. That means 50 percent of the students and upwards of that group find it hard to come up with the money for the application fee," Huff said.

It's one reason the University of Memphis is waiving its $25 application fee, but you must meet a certain criteria. You must have participated in a free lunch program, qualified for an ACT and SAT waiver, or you're a ward of the court or a Foster child.

"We are waiving that for students so that they can apply and have that opportunity to enroll and pursue a Bachelor's degree at the University of Memphis," Huff said.

Student Scott Eanes and his mom, Debbie, are on campus to buy books. They say waiving the fee will help many students and families during tough financial times.

"It's not that much, but every little bit does help, especially if you're coming from high school," Debbie Eanes said.

"If you're paying for your own like a lot of kids are, every penny does count because college students don't have a lot of time to work," Scott Eanes said.

The application fee waiver began this week for students who qualify.