Wild Dogs Attacking Pets In Cooper Young

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(Memphis) Pet owners in Cooper Young say they're being terrorized by a pack of wild dogs and the City of Memphis isn't doing much about it.

People say the “killers” were even caught on surveillance.

The Cooper Young Association discussed the problem at 6 p.m. Tuesday: 12 dead animals in just the past few weeks, and wild dogs still on the loose.

“They just barged right through,” said David Lindsey, pointing at his chicken coop.

Lindsey saw four of his chickens torn apart.

Mike Larrivee found his cat.

“Which is really sad. He was a good kitty,” said Mike.

Larrivee says surveillance video from his neighbor's porch on Nelson Street shows three wild dogs bolt towards his cat Bizerker right before she was attacked and killed.

These same dogs are accused of killing another cat on Nelson Street just weeks ago, and yet another cat in the Cooper Young area in July.

“I can replace my chickens. I think the biggest concern everyone around here has is that on this block alone there's about a dozen families with kids under the age of five,” said Lindsey.

“Does somebody have to get hurt? Does a little baby have to get chewed-up by one of these dogs for somebody to do something about it?” asked Larrivee.

The Cooper Young Association says its asked for months for Memphis Animal Services to take action, but the department says it doesn't work the hours that these wild dogs strike.

“The dog attacks are occurring between two and five in the morning,” said Larrivee.

“It was pretty gory,” said Lindsey. “It doesn't seem like they were interested in eating them, just killing them.”

“They are killers,” said Larrivee.

Mike says it’s the City that's responsible to take down these dogs before they turn from attacking pets to people.

“They have their limited resources and availability, but this is their responsibility. This is what we pay taxes for.”

He says the city needs to do something or see more stories like these.

“Three initially were killed immediately, and fourth one died just this morning,” said Lindsey about his chickens.

Memphis Animal Services did not return our calls Tuesday.

The Cooper Young Association says since nothing has been worked out with the animal control, all it can do is warn people to protect themselves and their pets.


  • Kristan Huntley

    On behalf of the Cooper-Young Community Association, I wanted to say that there have been several news stories circulating regarding the dogs that have been killing cats and chickens in the neighborhood in the past few days, but we do want to clarify that MAS IS taking steps to work with our Association and residents that have been affected.

    MAS is constrained by the number of overnight (11 PM – 7 AM) staff that they have working, but they had a patrol at 5 AM yesterday, numerous officers out today searching for the dogs and will have officers looking overnight as they are available. Additionally, they have set a trap on Nelson Avenue. They have been responsive, but given the distance these dogs can travel and the hours they are out and the limited resources of MAS, we all have to take an active role in notifying authorities if they are spotted because catching them will be difficult.

  • Sleepless

    Aha! So there’s the jerk who owns the roosters that wake me and my neighbors up at 4am! Thanks for saying your name on the news so we can make a formal complaint!

    • Ditto

      I checked, when I heard the rooster and found out it is against the law to have a rooster in the city. I guess some people feel the law doesn’t apply to them.

    • David Lindsey

      Where exactly do you live? I’ve had this rooster for over a year and I’ve never received a single complaint. I’m happy to get rid of it if it’s bothering anyone. I’m also happy to give any of my neighbors free eggs any time they want. If there is an ordinance against having a rooster in Memphis, I’ve never seen it. It’s not listed in this article: http://cooperyoung.weebly.com/need-to-know-ordinances-for-urban-chicken-farmers.html

      If it’s bothering you that much, I’ll butcher it this weekend and make some gumbo. It’s not cool to call your neighbors jerks on a public forum if you haven’t even made an attempt to contact directly. I assume you know exactly where I live.

      • Sleepless

        We’ve called the police numerous times but we could never find which house the noise was coming from. The neighborhood association says they have received many complaints, so yes, please have a rooster dinner or find some way to keep it quiet at night!
        it is in fact against the law to keep hens and roosters within city limits. There are 6 city ordinances against it, not counting the noise control ordinance.

      • David Lindsey

        Not sure if you are trolling or not because if you follow the link I posted above you can read all of the relevant city ordinances regarding keeping chickens. You will notice the word “rooster” never even appears. You are flatly wrong to assert that keeping chickens within the city limits is against the law.

    • Ditto

      If you don’t like the way it is done, then please go catch them yourself. This has been going on for sometime and the idiots still let their cats out. KEEP YOUR CATS INSIDE.

  • Sylvia Cox

    MAS has 25% more Animal Control Officers today than they had 5 years ago when their animal intake was over 4000 more per year. The ACOs are not out in the field like they SHOULD be (which is their job). MAS is only responding now because of the media attention. They DO have ACOs that work at night, and they COULD have responded months ago.

  • Susan Andersen

    @Kristan, thank you for your diligence in continuing to pursue this matter with MAS. I’m sorry to hear about the kitties , and also the biddies. I love being in such a lively and diverse neighborhood. And I miss having my own chickens. I might be over to see what we can barter. And if you ever need an experienced poultry sitter, I’d love to help.

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