Family And Friends Of Mother Of Missing Baby Talk About Abuse Charges

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(Memphis) Those who know Andrea Walker are stunned by the charges against her.

“Do you think she harmed the baby? I don't want to say. I don't want to say because I'm hoping not. I’m hoping not. I'm hoping. I'm looking for the worst and hoping for the best,” said Willie James Matthews, Walker’s Uncle.

Matthews can't believe his niece, Andrea Walker, is sitting in a jail cell.

The two lived in the same Frayser home after Andrea came back from Tennessee State University.

She now lives around the corner from her mother who is one of the two people police say Walker called first to report her daughter Aniston was missing.

“I'll call you later Ms. Scurlock when I'm feeling better. I'm just really feeling down. Yes, ma'am. I understand. It's too hard right now, Ms. Scurlock,” said Walker’s mother through a closed-door.

One of Walker's co-workers drove by the crime scene to see it for herself because she can't believe what's happening.

Her co-worker said, “She was a good mother to her sons. I haven't met her daughter or seen her daughter but she took good her care of her other two that I know of. I've seen it.”

The co-worker says Walker and the children’s father weren’t together anymore.

However, she’s still puzzled how the doting mother she knows of two boys ages 3 and 5 can be charged in a crime against her only baby girl.

It’s believed Walker’s other two children are with their father and his relatives.

News Channel 3 checked and the Department of Children’s Services had no history with Walker and the child.


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