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(WREG-TV) This section provides an up to date  look at WREG’s continuous coverage of the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services.

For more than a year, the On Your Side investigators have been looking into problems at the state agency.

From unexplained deaths to the malfunctioning computer system that tracks them, our coverage has exposed numerous issues at the department.

DCS has made significant changes to policies and procedures since then, and the agency’s leaders have vowed to continue those efforts to better protect children in its care.

We vow to continue to watch over DCS and investigate issues should they arise.


  • Linda

    Someone needs to stay on them. They don’t do anything. All these poor children fell through the cracks because DCS did not watch over them. It is truely sad. DCS has also let those who owe child support go without penalty. This is another way they have failed and continue to fail the children. Someone should be held liable for their lack of protecting the little ones.

    • mr. catfish sammich (@HuggiePacino)

      i agree….i remember a dcs lady came to my custody hearing for my son because the mother of my child was homeless and sleeping from house to house…instead of one of those ladies doing their job, they ended up being fooled by her…she had someone let her use their house as a pretending home and THAT lady came to court with her to show that im a physical abuser of the mother…nothing to do with the child but STILL till this day ive never been charged or convicted of any crime(s) at all! Basically she teamed up to block my son from getting what he deserves…a home and a safe environment…which he does NOW in my care…DCS is a joke! Ive seen them fail on numerous other situations also…its a building with people who fail our children just like the memphis city schools do!

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