Father Says Son’s 180 Day Suspension Went Too Far

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(Collierville, TN) A Houston High father is furious his son was suspended from the Shelby County School.

According to the paperwork, it’s because he was in a gang.

The father told us his tenth grader and some friends had a clique and called themselves “NMG," which stands for “New Money Group."

The father, who we’re not identifying to protect the children involved, said it's just a few kids and all they did was hang out and go to the movies.

But they named the group and tried to get another to join.

The school gave his son a “long-term suspension” of 180 days.

“How do you come to that conclusion where you put a kid out of school for 180 days?” the dad asked. “You could have conferenced the parents and we would have taken care of this."

A school spokeswoman couldn't discuss the matter specifically because of confidentiality.

But the schools policy says three people can make up a gang.

The policy also states the group would have to be involved in criminal activity.

But that's listed nowhere on the paperwork.

The dad thinks his son is being disciplined too harshly for having some friends and naming their group.


  • grayhawk

    He should have name the gang (HHSG).
    Houston High Student Group an got the whole school involved to help
    pull up the failure grade an help other student that are falling behind in
    certain classes.
    180 days is good it’s teach them to be more serious an take life more
    serious an don’t bring that mess to school because other student trying
    to learn an move on.

  • Skeptic

    So does that mean any clubs in the school are gangs too?? The Chess Club. Glee club. Any sport team. Must be some of those thugs from the defunct MCS.

    • starup

      Thank u that’s how I feel that is so stupid and they wonder y are kids slow and do the things they do. My daughter is in a group at school and I don’t see anything wrong with it it distances them from other girls make them feel like there really doing something different. Just cause they gave the group a name that has nothing to do with the school doesn’t mean they are bad students and they don’t stand for there school to the father law suite take them for everything and send the whole crew to college

  • Don

    The parent made a mistake when he suggested Jr, to form or join a gang.
    I hope the student won’t be home schooled for 180 days.

  • yancy d

    Home Schooled children overall are better educated, more respectful, and not brain washed by our government run school system. The families are more involved in their communities many times also.

  • whoyoukiddin

    Friends don’t name themselves anything. With a name like the one they gave themselves you can only make an assumption as to what is really going on. The probably posted pictures of themselves on fb holding wads of cash in their hands and throwing gang signs. Guess what that makes you? A GANG!!!!!!

  • MikeBarret

    So if the policy says they have to be involved in crime to be a gang and there’s no evidence of that I smell a law suit coming.

  • R

    It time for parents to teach their children the results of their actions in the eyes of public opinion. As a black parent who moved out here 17 years and my daughter was one of the few who attended HHS. The values of people were totally different today we think we know what’s best, and try to give our children the benefit that they know. America us changing everyday for the worst. Teach and hold our children to the best morale standards. Winning is being alone not being part of social groups with no structure.

  • Laz Jemison

    Excuse me, … but I’ll accept the school’s actions before the kid and his daddy’s explanation. I’m quite sure the school had a whole lot of support for their action before they booted this punk out.

  • Daniel

    The suspension is ridiculous, but the name of the group is what concerns me. So much emphasis is placed on the size of a person’s bank roll, and here these kids are talking about being “New Money”. What money? Their parents’ money? I’m all for individuality and the pursuit of what makes you happy, but the materialism that consumes kids these days is appalling. They can’t name all fifty states, balance a check book, or score high on the Reading Comprehension portion of the T-CAP, but they’re dressed to the nines because their parents give them what they haven’t earned. That makes these kids lazy, expectant, and entitled. Accountability is in short supply but our society as a whole is desperate for it. Kids need to be taught to earn their own way. I’d much rather see kids taking selfies on Instagram of things they earned from hard work and perseverance, rather than selfies of them getting “turnt up” and shouting “YEEEEEEEAAAAAHHHHH!!” and “I’M A BOSS!”…. of what? Looking foolish?

  • James

    These guys named it this making fun of well known rapper groups I dot see how school officials would be stupid enough to do this

  • Thomas

    They were suspended for no good reason. Seriously, did they really do anything wrong? Was it all about their name? Seems pretty stupid and pointless to suspend these kids. You can’t make conclusions based off of how you think someone is going to act.

  • Dawson

    The key component to a gang is criminal activity. If there isn’t any criminal activity it’s no different than a high school sorority or fraternity or even a band or singing group that named themselves. Hell they could have been entrepreneurs and that their business name for designing clothes! Who knows…. There is no criminal activity just stereotyping and judgements. I am a school teacher and when I was in high school I had a clique and we competed in step shows, did community service and graduated with honors. There were more than 3 of us, we dressed alike had hand signs colors motto etc( we were imitating college sororities)

  • Confused Student

    I fail to see what was done that was deserving of punishment…

    Making friends and naming your little friend group is a crime now?

    WELL THEN you might be surprised to find that Houston High, Houston Middle, and even Dogwood Elementary are crawling with numerous gangs if that all it takes to be considered a criminal gang is 3 people with a name.

    Does this include things like garage bands? Unofficial clubs? Online school groups? Etc.

    The trumpet section at Houston High is a group and calls themselves The Houston Trumpets. Many members meet outside of school too. Does this mean we’re all a nefarious criminal gang now?

    I don’t know the full story of the suspension but from what the article’s telling me, this was completely ridiculous.

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