Electrolux Plant Creates 550 New Jobs In Memphis

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(Memphis) Five-hundred-fifty people are now at work in Memphis because of the Electrolux plant with 95 percent of those workers coming from the Mid-South.

Electrolux plant manager Jack Truong says that’s just the beginning.

The company has big employment plans for the 750,000 square foot plant as it scales up production.

“Our goal is to go up to 1200 when we are producing around 600,000 units and as we continue to grow beyond that we’ll deal with it,” said Truong.

Governor Bill Haslam toured the plant as part of its grand opening and says the success of the deal shows how diverse and qualified Memphis workers are, and he hopes other companies take note.

“This is a big deal for us also because of the range of employment. Everything from entry-level jobs to high-tech jobs and we want to show in Tennessee we can provide that workforce no matter where you fall in that spectrum,” said Haslam.

The city has fallen under some criticism for the use of tax breaks to lure the company, but Memphis Mayor A C Wharton claims the jobs supersede the city missing out on some tax revenue from the corporation.

“The sweetest words any elected official is thankful to see is now hiring,” said Wharton.

There’s also a plant in Springfield meaning one in three ovens shipped across the US are from right here in Tennessee.


  • Joe

    “The sweetest words any elected official is thankful to see is now hiring,” said Wharton.”

    and in a nutshell…. Wharton sums up the fallacy of electing people who are not business people to run this city.

    we gave away far more than we will gain for a few hundred jobs

    and when they expand to perhaps 1200? no doubt Electrolux will be back at the trough begging for yet another tax break

    as long as “i cant think past the next election cycle” Wharton and politicians like him are at the helm. you can look for more poor decisions that make politicians look good on the surface while ultimately hurting the financial health of this city

    why do you think the state is considering stepping in to help manage this staggering debt load we’ve accumulated in this city?

    we have trained corporations to bend us over for tax concessions to get them to move here.,,,,,and soulless corporations who are intent on maximizing their profits will take advantage every single time

    Companies who have owners who really want to invest in this city will pay their share of taxes.

    Companies like Electrolux troll the country looking for weak political leadership

    when they found Memphis..they must have screamed “Eureka”!!!!!


    The real question is whether Electrolux will hire employees here and do benefits for them or exploit them them the temp agencies, –low wages and 0 benefits. What’s the real deal Wharton/Elextrolux??????

    • seb

      I work to l’Assomption plant, 20,43$ per /hours plus benefits, you win 14,65$ per/hours no benefits, next step to this compagny his going to china and the american peoples(Tennesse) paid that. This is the real deal.

  • Ben Nadeau

    they are not new job !!! we close in Quebec Canada because you gouvement stole the compagny to us !!!! you dont know all the story !!!

  • Joey Flynn

    Big news for you guys electrolux is stealing your tax money because thequalified and skilled workers in memphis were not able to build the kitchen ranges in the show room shown to the public at the grand opening. In fact they were all built here at our shop in l’assomption province of Québec

  • Joey Flynn

    And by way, here in l’assomption we make 3000 units a day, easy. There’s no way you can top that. We have the skills and know how

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