One Man Dead After Falling Through Frozen Lake

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(Memphis) One of two men emergency crews pulled from Coro Lake Wednesday afternoon has died.

The other was treated at the scene.

Fire officials said the two men are brothers and were walking on ice covering lake for fun when they fell in.

One of the brothers was able to pull himself up onto some ice until he was rescued.

The other was trapped under the ice for more than half an hour.

It happened near East Shore and Shelby Drive.

John Morgan watched the rescue from his kitchen window.

"What he did was he got up on his stomach and scooted to the bank. That's how he got out. Then police swarmed my yard. They got the other one out as fast as they could," said Morgan.

There were five rescue members who went into the lake. They are a part of the fire department's cold rescue crew and received special training.


  • Mary Sellerd

    Takes more time than you think for the ice to freeze hard enouch for one to wallk on. May he rest in peace and the Great Comforter embrace the family during this tragic time.

  • Bobby Machete

    Yea this is one of my ex wife’s friends. Apparently the news wouldn’t leave their house. They stood out in the street saying “We’re not on your property” when she told them to leave. Good job guys. It’s so important to report tragedies like this. Very crucial to our existence. Everybody needs validation.

  • Jessica dees

    I knew the men who fell in the lake they were cousins and they are great! Just two people having fun like young people do. Everything happens for a reason and god takes us when he wants is but that did not stop my dad from trying to save him. So if everyone could keep their petty comments to your self I’m sure that his family would greatly appreciate it.

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