Frozen Pipes Bursting Around The Mid-South

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(Memphis) If you’re dealing with wet carpets or a leaking ceiling, you aren't alone.

As temperatures dipped dangerously low the last few days, water pipes burst in houses and apartments across the Mid-South.

Plumbers say they believe the problems aren't over yet.

Inside the University of Memphis library, reference books are covered with tarps after a frozen pipe burst sending water everywhere.

A similar thing happened at East Win Christian Church.

“I ran down there to get some pots and pans because when I first saw it, it was a little bit of a leak and when I came back ceiling tiles started falling,” said Brian Gibson, the missions minister.

“Business is awesome right now,” said Plumber John Conway, owner of Conway Services.

Conway says he is seeing business triple. Everyone wants a fix ASAP,.

“It wasn't anything that people were doing wrong, it's just in the Memphis market, waterlines run in your attic space and sometimes those attic spaces are not insulated as well.”

“I say the most important thing is knowing where to go when something goes wrong with the water,” said Gibson.

When a sprinkler head burst, East Win Christian Church found itself deep in inches of water.

The U of M library had about 40 computers and 60 books drenched.

Conway expects even more situations like these in the next 48 hours, “Because the pipes are still frozen but the problems start when they start to thaw out.”

As temperatures increase, so will Conway’s number of phone calls.

The U of M library plans to open back up on Monday.

Remember, if you find yourself with a burst pipe, turn off your water right away.