Shot Tupelo Officer Is Running Out Of Sick Time

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(Tupelo, MS) Tupelo Police are banding together to make sure a fellow officer gets the time off he needs to recover from a shooting.

They’re asking the city council to allow them to donate their sick time.

Officer Joseph Maher is out of the hospital and recovering at home after being one of two officers shot during a bank robbery December 23.

Sgt. Gale Stauffer was shot and killed.

Tupelo’s police chief says the Maher, a 5-year veteran, doesn’t have enough sick leave to remain on leave for the time it will take to recover.

Other officers want to give him Maher some of their sick days.

The Tupelo City Council is voting on the proposal today.


  • John John

    I really don’t understand this. This officer was injured on the job. He was shot defending the citizens of his town in the line of duty. Why is his sick time even a factor? He wasn’t hurt at home! He put his life on the line and he gets treated like this?

  • Arguenot

    Workman’s Compensation should be kicking in and covering this officer’s medical and sick leave expenses. No officers should have to donate anything. This is ridiculous. Someone in the County Office’s or their Benefits Administration needs to get this rectified ASAP!

  • Don

    To serve & Protect? I don’t believe this. The state should help this officer. Better yet, the Bank should help!

  • Kevin Lewis

    Wow…It is very difficult to believe that a Law Enforcement Officer hurt in the line of duty would need to use sick leave while recovering. I can see having to use sick leave if he was recovering from an accidental gunshot wound during a hunting trip with Dick Cheney or recovering from some type of illness. This Officer was shot in the line of duty for God sake…he should be taken care of and continue receiving his full pay while recovering.

  • Margie Drew

    According to the paragraph I read, after the first 5 days of injury all days off are paid days off. This changes if it is a permanent disability but his recovery time should be paid.

  • Chris Jamison

    The maximum wage loss paid by Worker’s Comp is $387.68 weekly or 2/3 your weekly salary, whichever is less. I am sure that this officer made more than that are full duty pay. I am sure he is using his sick days in order to receive full pay until they are exhausted, at which time he will revert to the Worker’s Comp payments until her is cleared for full duty. The city of Tupelo should be ashamed that they do not cover the full expenses and pay of this officer while he is out. He should only have to use his sick time if he decides to stay out after being cleared for full duty by a doctor.

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