Informed Sources: Federal Audit

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(Memphis) The feds audited a Memphis housing program known as HARP and found multiple problems and examples of mismanagement.

Who's to blame?

Should anyone be fired?


  • Michelle R.

    Photographs are a wonderous thing. Have the contractors take before and after photographs that will be attached to the paperwork. Even if printed off on regular paper…. it will help give a visual on the work completed. Going one step further, have someone contact the home owner via phone and just verify that the work was done to their satisfaction. Then have that employee sign and date the photograph to show that the follow up was completed. If there are issues down the line, then you have a clear paper trail on who needs to be disciplined.

  • Thomas H. Evans

    Is anyone really surprised there were problems found during the audit. How about starting at the top and work your way down when looking to hold someone accountable for whatever infractions were found by the auditors. Is this going to be another one of those year long investigations by the city in order “not” to hold anyone responsible?

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