Mother Filing Complaint After Incident With Deputies

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(Memphis) Memphis mother Erica Shead said Friday that she will file a formal complaint with Shelby County Sheriff’s Office after deputies broke a window and entered her home while she was not there.

Shelby County said they were at the home Thursday afternoon with a felony arrest warrant for Shead’s 19-year-old son Marquel Brown for attempted robbery.

However, Shead said she was with her son, turning him in, when deputies came to her home.

“I went and got him yesterday and took him immediately to 201 Poplar and while I’m there I get a call from my daughter,” said Shead.

Shead said deputies threw a chair through her front window, then came inside where her children ages 10 through 17 were.

She said they forced her children to the ground and roughed up her 11- and 16-year-old boys.

“I think it was a poor exercise of the sheriff’s department using excessive force in this case. They were using excessive force against minor children,” said Shead.

“The officers told me that they had a right to break that window because they were serving a warrant.  They were not going to write a report and they were not going to pay for it,” said Shead.

SCSO sent this information about the incident:

Our deputies went to 4433 Cedar Bark Cv to serve a felony arrest warrant on Marquel Brown. When deputies arrived they knocked on the door and no one would come to the door. The deputies could see and hear people inside the residence. Deputies saw a male subject that was in the home that fit the description of the wanted fugitive Marquel Brown. Deputies then made entry by breaking the dining room window. Deputies located the man they believed to be Marquel Brown and found that to be his TWIN brother. Upon clearing the remainder of the residence, no contact was made with Marquel Brown.

While on the scene Lt. Nelson spoke with the "mother" by phone, who stated that she was at 201 Poplar with Marquel Brown, turning himself in. Our deputies arrived on the scene of 4433 Cedar Bark Cv at 1344 hours and left at 1428 hours.

Marquel Brown was booked into 201 Poplar at 1442 hours which indicates that he turned himself in while our officers were on the scene, but NOT before.

Our officers were later called back to 4433 Cedar Bark Cv in regards to an Ambulance call where the resident wanted an ambulance to transport her child to the hospital.

The homeowner of 4433 Cedar Bark Cv was advised on how to make a formal complaint on our deputies so that those allegations may be investigated.


  • Phil

    Sorry. Please try your luck at the casinos as your lawsuit roulette card doesn’t work here. WONDERFUL parenting.

  • Don

    Boy those SC Deputies are great, They saw someone through the window so that fitted the description and went in and found he was a twin to the thug they were looking for.
    Good work SC Deputies. Every thing went well.

  • Read the law.

    Title40 Criminal Procedure
    Chapter7 Arrest

    Part1 General Provisions
    40-7-107 Authority of officer to break in.
    To make an arrest, either with or without a warrant, the officer may break open any outer or inner door or window of a dwelling house if, after notice of the officer’s office, authority and purpose, the officer is refused admittance.
    HISTORY: Code 1858, section 5039; Shan., section 6999; Code 1932, section 11538; T.C.A. (orig. ed.), section 40-807.

  • Joe Censored

    Sorry baby mamma, but you will not win a ghetto lottery here.

    Should have raised your little boo right and taught him not to rob people. Felony warrant allows forced entry. Typical Memphis trash.

    Memphis Representing!!!

  • freda cox

    I know this lady personally and ALL of her kids are well mannered. Her son doesn’t live there and he doesn’t have a twin. So Erica do what you have too to get this issue resolved.

    • mikep3

      Well mannered??? I have met very few well mannered felons in my life. Next time, answer the door and find out what the nice policeman wants.

    • Joe Censored

      This Freda is and the likes is exactly what is wrong with Memphis. Always looking to blame someone else for their short comings/failures in life, parenting, etc. and deflect instead of taking personal responsibility.

      The “issue” was resolved… The felony robber is in the clink and Erica needs to call Glass Masters… and teach her “chillins” to obey lawful orders from “da Pooo leece”… and not rob people.

      Memphis Representing!!!

  • Rhonda

    My kids were taught to not open the door if I wasn’t home. They were taught if the police came to the door to advise them they were following my rules and to give them a number to contact me or another family member. The boys should have acknowledged the police especially knowing the situation. At that age I am sure they knew what was going on. As for bad parenting… I think posters have it wrong. She took him to turn himself in. In this day and age if more moms would do this instead of saying my baby didn’t do it, sending him away to hide, or just not caring…where would we be? My kids know I will support them and stand beside them… But they need to be held responsible for their actions.kudos to her for taking him.

    • mikep3

      I was always taught to open the door for policemen. As far as her turning him in, maybe she should have done it sooner instead of waiting for the police to come to her house where her kids refused to even acknowledge their presence. If they had opened the door and told the officers “My momma takn’ my brutha to the jail rite now”, all this could have been avoided.

  • mission1

    I guess my only question is how can a 17 year old in the house be a twin to the 19 year old that turned himself in, also who cut the lip of the 11 year old girl? I have all respect for the police, but if they have to rough up a 11 year old, they don’t belong on the force.

    • mikep3

      What cut lip and what 11 year old girl? Nothing in the article about a cut lip, and the article said the 11 and 16 year olds were boys.

      • mission1

        It appears that you did not watch the video. My mistake, it was a 11 year old boy and not a girl. Regardless, there is no reason to rough up a 11 year old rather white or black.

  • Hard Truths

    It sure sounds as though the SCSD did not go out of its way to handle this in a socially agreeable and appropriate manner.

    Destruction of people’s property … cops having fun under the pretext of doing their job.

    Just the usual disrespect for the public, warrant or no warrant. A warrant is NOT a license to vandalize property.

  • Re'Kala

    I am one of the children that were in the house at this time (17 yr old). It’s funny how you people can judge my mom and side side with the sheriffs without even knowing all the facts to the story. First of all, my older brother Marquel doesn’t have a TWIN. That was just an excuse for the sheriffs to enter AFTER they received call that my brother was indeed turning himself in. Second, I informed the sheriffs before they broke the window that ALL minors were in the house and that my mother was already at 201 Popular with Marquel. They still decided to break and enter while threatening children with guns, dogs, and abusing an 11 year old and 16 year old boy. Upon realizing that there were ONLY minors in the house, my 11 year old brother’s lip was busted and my 16 year old brother’s ribs were bruised after a sheriff kicked him to the ground. Whether or not we are African Americans and so what my brother had a warrant, my brothers and sisters and I didn’t deserve the they way the sheriffs treated us. My brother is getting the punishment he deserves; me and my brothers and sisters didn’t have anything to do with his decisions and we shouldn’t have been punished for his decisions.

    God bless

    • Hard Truths

      Well said, young man. I think those rollicking thugs in uniform have some explaining to do, especially after we ALREADY know they lied about what happened.

      A cop who will lie will do far worse than lie. And an awful lot of them are LIARS. With impunity.

      Police crimes need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

      Police have lost the trust of the Memphis and Shelby County public.

      I mean the middle-class, taxpaying public.

    • Darlene

      Re’Kala, u are right, we don’t know all the facts; just the side of the police. Stay strong. You are a very strong roll model for your brothers and sisters. God Bless you and your family. You all will be in my prayers

  • grayhawk

    The mom knew her (little-boy) were trouble long time ago,an time were leading up to this situation she raise this criminal an now he brought harm
    to her an the children life she has to live with this an hope the other kids
    don’t go wrong.—-next time turn this THUG in early to avoid this matter an try getting the children into Church or other social event.

  • Kevin

    what’s up with all of these bigoted remarks … it goes to show how scared these cowards are to say anything in public. I see them all the time. Most are too scared to even look up when you pass them by. When one accidently do, I look at that fool and make him hurry up and look down or the other direction… let just keep it like this, say what you want while sitting there hiding behind that computer, but shut your mouth and know your place when in public ….

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