Chain Restaurants In Times Square Cashing In, A Reality Star’s Past Comments And A Newborn’s Named For An Entire Team?

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Packed to capacity were chain restaurants in Times Square last night.

Some you won't believe what you had to pay, to get into!

Joining us today are DeWayne Benton from, Angela Jackson from V101 Radio and our own Todd Demers.

Times Square hosted, of course, one of the biggest New Year's Eve parties in the world last night and restaurants in the middle of it all were cashing in.

Places like Applebees, home of two dinners for $20 was charging $375 per person to get in, TGI Fridays $299 Bubba Gump $675!

Is this just crazy?

Would you pay it?

Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson back in the headlines, for saying, 4 years ago, that guys should marry girls who are 15, 16 years old before they get old enough to basically just want to spend your money.

But, is this the big deal everyone's making out of it?

Do we really care what a reality star said 4 years ago?

An Alabama couple has named their newborn son Krimson Tyde.

That's Krimson with a K,  Tyde with a Y.

Mom says she's surprised at all the negative attention the name is getting.

Every year Lake Superior State University in Michigan comes out with a list of words that should be banned for misuse, overuse and general uselessness!

Among them this year are Selfie, Twerk, Mr. Mom and Hashtag.

Any more you would add?