Woman Gets Out Of Jail For DUI, Arrested For Another DUI Hours Later

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(Memphis) A Memphis woman is charged with DUI, and police said they stopped her just hours after she got out of jail on the same charge.

Mary Cavitch was sentenced to four months in jail for her DUI in May, but got out after 20 days.

Hours later, a cop parked off Union Avenue pulled her over at a Taco Bell.

He said she was so drunk, she could barely stand. She slipped out of her handcuffs three times.

Cavitch told the officer she finished a bottle of wine earlier at Celtic Crossing in Midtown. She was celebrating getting out of jail early.

Cavitch pleaded guilty to drunk driving in May. A 3-year-old and 4-year-old were in the car when she hit a pole. The 4-year-old child was badly hurt.

Four months earlier, police said Cavitch was found passed out in a tanning bed with a number of prescription pills in her purse.

Cavitch is locked up on $5,000 bond.

She is facing multiple charges including DUI, reckless driving, and resisting arrest.

She is expected in court Monday.


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