More Young, Healthy People Getting The Flu

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(WREG-TV) The flu is making its achy presence known in the Mid-South.

"We have had quite the upturn in flu cases here, mostly flu A," Dr. William Burch said.

Doctors are seeing a comeback of the miserable swine flu, which caused a pandemic in 2009.

"We were all surprised the CDC has come out with an alert in the past week to expect a much worse late flu season this year," Dr. Burch said. "We are seeing the results of that."

Doctors like Burch are on high alert because numbers are rising in a group that's not considered at high risk.

"It's been a much more virulent strain," Burch said. "People are getting sicker. People who are healthy. This flu seems to have hit people under the age of 65. We have seen a lot more pneumonia with it."

Kids and people in their thirties are getting hit the hardest.

Dr. Burch even fell victim to the virus.

"I'm just getting over it," he said. "I got the flu shot, but, unfortunately, I still got the flu, but it was a much more mild case."

He says more people than normal who got the vaccine are making their way into his office.

"A lot of times, the virus changes a little bit, and so the vaccine which is developed from cases that are developed in China earlier in the year are not always as effective as they might otherwise be," Dr. Burch said.

But he says if you get the vaccine, the virus is much milder, so he still recommends you get the shot because the CDC says this flu season promises to be worse than last year.

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  • Tim

    I’m sure this doctor can definitively say the flu was milder because of the shot – riiight…

    So far this year, EVERYONE I know who has had the flu, also had the shot. Some of them had really bad cases. Not that this means anything other than the shot hadn’t protected them.

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