Memphis Liquor Store’s Facebook Posting Draws Attention

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(Memphis) At Buster's Liquors and Wines, owner Josh Hammond is hoping a Facebook post won't have a sobering effect on his customers.

"At this point, we just apologize for the post. Hopefully, our customers understand we treat everybody with respect," Hammond said.

A picture, which was on Buster's Facebook page Monday and then deleted, showed a customer apparently trying to make a large purchase with a lot of coins.

Customers such as Jerome Pigues and Matt Owens had different opinions about the post.

"It kind of seems like they're trying to show that she's poor," Pigues said.

"I'm kind of neutral about it. It probably wasn't in their best taste to probably post it," Owens said.

A Buster's employee posted, "After five minutes of counting change, this lady came up eight dollars short in her piggy bank on a $91 purchase and she wanted a discount to cover it. We politely declined to make the sale. Had it been any other day, maybe. But we had 20 people in line."

busters"We were not trying to incite any public angst about it. It was kind of a customer service issue, and in hindsight, we wish we had not posted that," Hammond said.

The Facebook post generated hundred of comments online.

Kimberly R. said, "Not cool to shame a patron. Was a loyal customer. not anymore."

Elisabeth G. said, "Aww c'mon guys. That was so entertaining. You didn't have to delete it."

Customers at Busters, such as Gary Pigues and Loretta Tharpe weighed in as well.

"If she's got money and it all added up, I don't see anything wrong with that," Pigues said.

"To embarrass her like that, it was wrong," Tharpe said.

Buster's Liquors and Wines says it hopes the community will remember the work it does with charities such as the Make-a-Wish Foundation, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and Le Bonheur Children's Hospital in Memphis, and not let the post feel more like a long-lasting hangover with customers.

"This is not one of our finer moments, but we do a lot of things in the community. Whether it's the arts, giving back to different charities," Hammond said.

busterappBuster's also issued the following apology:

We are not in the business of embarrassing customers and that’s exactly why the customer’s face was not shown in the first place.  Without going into the overall context of the incident, this post in hindsight was made in poor taste and I personally apologized to our facebook fans about it.  Hopefully, those upset with us will accept our apology and will realize we’ve grown our business over the years by treating every customer with respect.



  • damshame


    • MikeBarret

      90 dollars worth, no body buys that much for them self all at once it was for xmas gifts I’m sure. poor lady. She probably don’t even drink her own self or she would know better and know the people in the store.

  • hateliberalcommies

    If this woman had ANY common courtesy about other people she would have cashed those coins in and THEN went to the liquor store instead of inconveniencing those 20 other customers in line that she apparently did NOT care about.

    • Karl Fowler

      You are right, I would have been out of my mind by the time they were done even if I were number 10. If memory serves there is a bank just down the street, or maybe Busters would have bought the change back at the office to save the time at the register. Liquor stores always need change. Now I also understand saving up for something nice as a treat, after all it is the Holiday season with New Years coming up, maybe she only gets this treat on special occasions.

  • sexy p36

    I think the store owner still shouldn’t allow their employee to post things like that to embrass any customer and what if that customer see’s that and want to sue that company for neglience ….

  • Cole

    Extremely sad on both parts….. I would have made up the difference…. Not knowing her circumstances – but the employee used poor judgement…..

    Coins are money…. We must honor that…

  • Michelle R.

    I would have passed her a ten dollar bill and said “Merry Christmas.” Well………….. I don’t drink. So I would not have been in that particular store, but had I been in line behind her in another store I would have helped out.

    And I agree with Cole: Coins are money. She had a right to pay with them.

    I like that the manager knows they screwed up by shaming her on Facebook. Hopefully it will not happen again.

  • Leeboy

    The lady probably does not have internet let alone Facebook. The apology would have been better if it had been offered to the customer. Bad situation all the way around. No one knows why she was trying to make such a large purchase since no one asked. Stop speculating..Oh, by the way, where is all that Memphis compassion? Obviously absent during the holiday season, huh.

  • Joe Bo

    We live in a time when everything we do in public might surface in cyberspace. Don’t agree with posting, but the person should of had the coins wrapped.

    • Don

      More than likely she knew exactly how much money she had. she could have axed the clerk to take one of her cheapest bottle back and everything would have been fine, but no, she had to ask for a discount. You don’t need a picture

      Typical Memphis.

      • terrie

        Busters was in the right! Im sure it was more trouble carrying the money in then had she rolled it all up. Seriously, you PC people are drying up!!
        Team Busters!!

  • Lisa T

    I realize the purchase was about liquor but to me this is more about respect of a customer. To drink or not is the choice of the individual. But to post on a social media to embarrass the person is disrespect and bullying. This is not the first time Buster’s has done this to a person and won’t be the last.

  • AngieJ

    Don’t judge a book by the cover! The post says she was purchasing one bottle of expensive liquor. So what she had coins, it is money. Buster’s had enough employees working that could have assisted her. A lush head is Not buying one bottle of expensive liquor. It sounds like it was a gift! Shame on Buster’s. YOU can say what you want about how many charities you support. You had a chances to show what giving means and then went cyber.

  • Yup

    Hate to Monday morning quarterback this situation, but what the heck. Maybe they just should have had a spare employee take her to an empty counter and count out her change.

  • grayhawk

    Once they close Buster Liquor people can purchase there liquor
    an wine from Kroger an used the coin start machine to cash out
    there coins. It’s coming soon.

  • Cory

    Any idiot who would pour $90 in coins on a counter to pay for a purchase in a retail store deserves nothing but scorn. And then she had the gall to ask for a discount when she didn’t have enough??? Seriously: How ghetto can a person get???

  • Julie

    Society has made it okay to show everyone’s business to the world even if it is bad. Anyone who has worked retail or been in the back of that line would understand the impatience that accompanied this picture. Yes money is money and spends all the same, but she knew she was going to spend that change. The least she could have done was count it before she got to the store and the whole thing could have been avoided. On the plus side they did not show the lady’s face.

  • Mrs. Madison

    Poor people come in all shapes, sizes AND colors. All people have the option to pay with whatever amounts to acceptable US currency. Why does it have to be Negros that you wish to discuss? How tactless are you and Buster’s.

  • Mrs. Madison

    The purchase was $91. Subtract $8 from that…. She had $83. I am sure not all of it was in coins. But, even if it was, the store didn’t have to offer her a discount. They could have offered her a smaller purchase for the amount she had. Instead, they offered her the door. With all the charities that they “claim” to contribute to, that would have helped them spread more cheer. Whoever posted the picture and comment of the lady’s purchase should be ASHAMED. Boycott Busters! They discriminate based on CLASS!

  • Ken Allen

    Really Now, coins are money just like cash, Michael Kewl do you throw away your coins after you break a bill? No you don’t and neither does white people, latinos, Germans or anybody else for that matter. Michael Kewl you sir have no class or respect for anyone or yourself. Busters employes made a customer service blunder, But we are all human and if you keep living you just may need help or make a bad decision.

  • Terri

    I am as you say “Negro” and I pay with my American Express Black Card and sure several of my ancestors had the same clout of their time. WAKE UP! To ostracize a particular ethnic group shows your lack of education and visualization!

    • terrie

      @Terri, you sadi “To ostracize a particular ethnic group shows your lack of education and visualization!” They have great visualization & education. We see it all the time all day long. She was EXPECTING to get a discount because she was black. All part of that FREE mentality. YOU should get off white peoples back & educate your own to stop believing what they have been brain washed to beleive! Other wise, they will forever be the weaker specimen.

  • Deja Brew

    They knew exactly what they were doing when they made the post on Facebook. They don’t know her finances. It’s a holiday season so I’m sure she wanted to celebrate it, instead Buster’s delivered poor service by denying her entire sale because she was a few dollars short when they could’ve offered her something else that was close to what she really wanted. Paying in coins doesn’t make you ghetto and people who have that mentality are dumb. You’re bashing someone for paying with coins when your paper dollar bill has lost 97% of its value. Typical judgment that lacks knowledge and facts. I would never spend money there because that post was discrimination.

  • Chu Pham

    I do not buy from Buster’s that often, but I do go there to get imported beers and fine cognacs once awhile.
    While I do not know the reason why did this lady do what she did and I do hate waiting in line for something like this, especially on a rush-last-minute-holiday-shopping day; I do find that what Buster’s post (regardless it was an employee’s action or it was the management’s – it was posted under the store’s name,) was very immature, childish, disrespectful, and lack of professionalism. After all, their profession is to deal with customers.

    And, I am glad that I went to Whiskers on Germantown Road to get my bottle of Remy XO. It won’t hurt them if they lose mine and/or your little purchases, but it would certainly help smaller stores – and let’s hope that they do appreciate our business.

  • Hard Truths

    She was grossly inconsiderate to 20 people waiting in line. She came in and imposed her cartoon reality on a lot of people who did not deserve her imposition. If you shop at Busters, it’s common courtesy to act as though you belong there.

    There is some business that a rational businessperson JUST DOESN’T WANT.

  • v.gwinn

    @terrie, the way you spell shows your lack of education. I see that you are a racist in every way. The statement you made is something that Rush Limbar,how ever you spell his last name would say. Why would WE expect anything free from you when you take everything. What about the whute panhandlers on the corners everyday. Do we call them names or make fun because they dont have anything. No matter what color anyone is being poor is sad. WE DON’T REALLY KNOW THAT LADY, SHE COULD BE RICH AS HELL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bill

    I worked in a liquor store for 2 years. You get sick and tired of every other customer coming in wanting a discount because they think they are something special. Liquor store owners are in business to make money. This is $8 short, not a few cents. That’s a substantial amount for the drawer to come up short. Trying pulling that at Wal-Mart or try asking MLG&W for a discount. Sorry, I place the blame where it lies…don’t try to buy $91 worth of something if you only have $83. Buy something cheaper.

  • Tammy Vick

    I do not think Buster’s did anything wrong. She shamed her own self by trying to pay with coins and then not having enough money to liquor…come on people…

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