13-Year-Old Girl Identifies Burglars

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(Memphis) Memphis police say they have two burglars in jail thanks to a 13-year-old girl.

She was able to identify the crooks that broke into her home as she hid under her bed.

The break in happened at Legends Park town homes, across from Le Bonheur downtown.

“My door lock was on the ground and my TV was missing,” said the girl's mom.

The woman didn’t want to be on camera, but says she came home December 7th to find all her televisions gone, her clothes missing, and her daughter with a story to tell.

“She heard them like pushing on the door, like them trying to get in until she heard it pop open. That’s when she hid under her bed and pulled her clothes basket.”

Her 13-year-old daughter was home alone when two burglars broke in and ransacked the house.

“It was traumatizing. She was very afraid.”

The 13-year-old hid behind two laundry baskets under her bed while the burglars took her television just feet away from of her.

“She stayed under the bed the whole time until she heard them officially leave and then she looked out the window and saw them loading the car,” said her mother.

Who the 13-year-old saw was a family friend loading up an SUV with thousands of dollars worth of their stuff.

“You don't take from your family. You don't bite the hand that feeds you.”

The woman says Shuronda Holmes was like family, an adopted sister, someone who she let even stay at her house for a couple of weeks.

But police say Holmes and her accomplice, Bryant Washington, used their knowledge of the woman’s whereabouts to hit her up and steal her stuff.

Problem was, they didn't know there was an eyewitness hiding under a bed, moving Holmes from the friend-zone to 201 Poplar.

“She has been forgiven. I just don't want her ever around me again.”

Washington and Holmes are charged with theft. Holmes is being held on a $6,000 bond.


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