Violent Storm Destroys Homes and Neighboring Church in Tunica County

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(Dundee, MS) People in Tunica County are cleaning up from what looks like a possible tornado, where buildings were no match for Mother Nature. Saturday’s powerful tornado left a few people homeless and many more without a church home.

William Conway rounded up what he could Sunday. He and his wife have very little left after violent winds and heavy rain ripped their home to pieces and scattered it on both sides of Flea Harbor Road.

“That was my kitchen and the den was on the corner,” pointed on Conway.

Now, his home’s rooms are just cinder blocks and pieces of wood. Conway and his wife were inside their home when the lights went black. Winds physically threw them out of their house as they screamed for each other.

“I must have fell on my shoulder, its sore,” said Conway.

The storm slammed into nine houses on the block. Conway's brother lives a few houses down, he and his wife laid flat on the ground as the storm passed over.

“It was roaring like a train. I could see it coming across the field, just a big wind,” said Lennard Conway.

The horror lasted only lasted two minutes. But the family says it will take a while to piece together what the storm destroyed. Still, they are grateful they will all be together this holiday.

“Thank God nobody got hurt. Everything can be replaced, but thank God everybody is safe,” said Conway.

Right next door to Conway's home, Pastor Robert Lenair and a couple of deacons spent Sunday looking at what was left of New Strangers Rest Baptist Church.

“It broke the fellowship hall off and set it to the side. It unhooked the whole building,” said Lenair.

“It looks bad to us in human eyes, but God knows what he's doing,” said Deacon Rickie Seldon.

Even though just about everything is broken, some things still stand. The baptismal pool never moved.

“Amen!” exclaimed Pastor Lenair.
"Why are you saying amen? Why is that powerful to you?” asked WREG’s Elise Preston.
“It's a purpose. It’s a purpose,” said Lenair.

Inside the church, ceiling tiles are on the floor, bibles are soaked and a gaping hole shows where winds ripped the roof from the rafters.

“That's a feeling I've only experienced when I lost a loved one. God got me through that, he's going to get me through this one,” said Lenair.

Pastor Lenair says he's praying about where the church will go from here. Just this year, it celebrated 90 years. The pastor is faithful church members will still sing and pray together in the future.


  • Nakeitha Price

    I attend Pastor Lenair church every Wednesday for bible class. I know this is the works of the devil. But I know the LORD will make a way somehow. The Conway family is blessed. GOD is still good.

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