Soldier Surprises Kids With Christmas Homecoming

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(Bartlett, TN) Sometimes, the best Christmas presents aren’t wrapped or put under a tree.

For a Bartlett Family, it’s being together when war has separated them by seas.

Friday, a U.S. Army Captain surprised his children with an unforgettable gift -- his homecoming.

“Your daddy couldn't be here today because where is he?” asked Bartlett Baptist Pre-School Principal Susan Mynatt.

“He’s in Afghanistan,” replied 6-year-old Anora Moyer.

Anora and her 4-year-old sister, Anya, haven't seen their father, US Army Captain Donald Moyer, since this summer.

“It's been like forever,” said Anora.

“What does he do over there?” asked Mynatt.

“He's trying to fight off the bad guys,” replied Anora.

At the school's Christmas program Friday, the principal took time to thank veterans for their service.

Anora and Anya knew their dad tried to make it home for Christmas.

But what the little girls didn't know was that their dad did make it.

While all the other veterans were standing on stage, their dad was in a backroom, just feet away.

"I haven't seen my girls in five-and-half months. To be able to just go out there and give them a hug and see them for the first time is an incredible feeling. I couldn't sleep last night,” said Captain Moyer.

Moyer's actually been home since Tuesday, hiding out to surprise his little girls.

“I could hear them getting ready for school. I could hear them moving about. It was the hardest part in the world not to pop out there and grab them up,” said Moyer.

Now the dad doesn't have to wait any longer.

“Come here babies, come here. I've missed you so much,” said Moyer as he hugged the girls for the first time in a long time.

“This is something they can look back on years down the road. They will always have that visualization, here's daddy,” said Moyer.

Like most kids, Anora and Anya still want movies under the tree Christmas morning, but they say the best gift is already here.

“My daddy's home!” exclaimed Anora.

Captain Moyer will spend the next two weeks with his family before returning to Afghanistan for another six months. This is his second tour overseas.


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