Mother Outraged After Baby Dies While In DCS Custody

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(Memphis) A Memphis mother is demanding answers after her 11-month-old baby died while in DCS custody.

Anna Mosley said her son Xavier died November 17th while at a Bartlett foster home.

“They said the baby wipe was in his mouth, the ambulance pulled the baby wipe out of his mouth,” Mosley said about what she was told by her child’s caseworker right after the death.

But Mosley’s attorney said they have gotten very little official word from DCS.

“In a nine-to-eleven word email saying, your child died basically because the heart stopped beating, which is the cause of death for everybody,” said attorney James Sanders about what DCS has released to the family.

They’ve asked repeatedly for more information, but say they have not received the requested documents.

A DCS representative told WREG Thursday that DCS has 60 days to investigate the case, and they have not completed the investigation.

DCS took Mosley’s infant and her 2-year-old in August.

“The department was concerned that the father and the mother absent sufficient training wouldn’t be able to provide the level of care that the child that passed away would need,” said Sanders.

Mosley’s children suffered from digeorge syndrome, which limits delay of essential body functions.

Sanders said the children were set to be returned to Mosley and the children’s father in October, but that the father lacked a one-hour course.

Four weeks later, Xavier was dead.

“I don’t know how the baby wipe got in his mouth or how he got a hold of the baby wipe,” said Mosley.

Mosley said her parental rights had not been taken away, so she is entitled to information about what led to her child’s death.

To make matters worse, Xavier’s father passed away in a traffic accident earlier this month.

DCS still has custody of Mosley’s 2-year-old.


  • Bobby Taylor

    If the child died in HER custody, the DA would have charged her already. But since DHS had the baby in Bartlett somewhere, what? No one gets held responsible? This is one slimy planet we live on.

  • whoyoukiddin

    Wow another typical mess that seems to be the norm with DCS. What kind of background check was done on these people being foster parents? No 11 month old should be left alone and it is obvious he was if he had a baby wipe down his throat. Come on people lets get it together. This was an innocent child who did not make it through the system yet again. There needs to be a major overhaul again with DCS.

  • #dontbestupid

    Again, More ignorant people sounding off when only ONE side of the story has been presented!! There’s always 2 sides to every story & your “every day citizen” should know by know that the media only presents half truths & hypes up stories to get ratings.. come on now people, don’t be so stupid & naïve!!!!!!!!

    • Givemeabreak

      I so agree with you. People need to wait for ALL of the details instead of sound bites from an over zealous attorney. While I feel sympathy for the mother, I can’t help but think that this wouldn’t have happened if she and the father had been properly caring for the child. People love to think DCS just snatches up children. That’s not how it works. Medical personnel obviously reported the maltreatment of the children which resulted in their removal. Before children are removed, parents are given a chance to correct their actions unless the action is too serve. Foster parents go through extensive background checks and training. If the foster parents were negligent, they will be held responsible. It’s a sad situation all the way around.

      • Mona Ford

        Sadly, DHS has done way more harm than good at stabilizing family environments. I can cite personal experience dating back to 1980 where children were manipulated and removed from a good solid home environment and placed into a bad situation by DHS. This organizations should NEVER be allowed to investigate itself. These are public servants being paid with constituent tax dollars and their track record is horrible. It is not a surprise that many who post here feel little compassion for the loss of that child’s life. After all, this is Memphis, Tennessee where the “open season” on black males is at an all time high, even though there have been some improvements. The message is that there is still plenty of work to be done. It should not stop here with feedback!!!!!

      • Chrissy Inconnecticut

        You are so naive. I have been in the system. DCF as it’s called in CT was taken over by the federal government after ir recieved so many complaints of abuse and children being taken that should not of been. For every child they remove this organization gets $$. And trust me they do not do much screen of potential f oster parents. My son’s foster mother locked him out of the house in January in the cold with his stuff on the stoop and told me if DCF did not come to get him she was dropping him off in front of the office downtown on a Friday afternoon. He also lost 35 lbs in one month in her care. So do not tell me I over react to any of this nonsense because it does happen. It is just you people who choose to realize that our government agencies do not have our children’s best interest at heart.

      • Karen

        I just wanted to say that I know for a fact that cps doors not always give fair treatment to the parents at all. My daughter was taken from the hospital. Nobody from my daughters pay has seen her in over 18 months. We do not get pictures or anything. I have leaped through all the hurdles easily, but I still have not seen any justice. Please do more research before assuming the parents are at fault. I have no criminal record and have held stable employment for almost 15 years with the same company. I beg you to listen to some of the parents that were like you before they lost their kids. Thank you for your time

      • Karen

        Thank you. Finally someone who gets it. The parents and children are the victims! People like that are despicable!! I pray this doesn’t happen to my daughter. No one has seen her in 18 months since they just took her from the hospital. She is kept hidden somewhere. I have not lost my rights! I was a good mom! I did everything they asked and some with no benefit. All the family from me, the dad and her friends miss her. Her teachers miss her!!!

      • greiving mom

        Karen, The same thing happened to my daughter. She was taken from me at a world known hospital right after her fourth round of chemo because a STUDENT in psychiatry there wanted to put her on anti depressants. If you know anything at all about chemo and the pain and her on Morphine too, you understand how sick she was at the time. I merely asked to FIRST speak to her medical team and this student who just met her and spent a mere 10 minutes with her called child protective services and alledged I was prevefnting my daughter from getting critical care by not immediately signing consent forms for student to put her on anti depressants before going home an hour later. Then called her estranged father 5 states away asking him to come get her and take her home with him cause I was not caring for her properly allowing anti depressants. He came and got her alright and she was dead two months later. He cut ALL communication and prevented me seeing her. He had nothing to do with her for her entire life and left us when she was 4 months old. He wqas responsible for 90% of her medical costs per decree and of course child support. So he skipped out on all that and got away with that too. I have been an excellent parent and is easily varifiable. The time it takes to go through all the court motions and hoops can easily go into years before any resolve. She was in the meantime kept from her regular cancer doctors and treatments and never got her stem cell transplant. She was taken with only the clothes she had on and in a extremely compromised state/condition. For the record, we are white middle class. Those who think it is a race thing are so wrong. This is happening all over the U.S. So sorry this is happening to you Karen. Prayers to you. Go public if you can and “arm” yourself with as many affidavidts as you can get in support of you and your daughter from teachers, pastor, neighbors everyone.

  • Truthiness

    This is why LESS government is better.

    When you vote Democrat, you vote for MORE government intrusion into your life.

    Look at the failure of Obamacare, for example.

    Stop giving away your freedoms to socialist Democrats.

  • Noraine

    Some of you think your insensitive comments are only hiding behind a computer and you can’t be touched, however; wrong doing has a way of correcting itself in one form or another.

  • Christina Anthony

    how does a baby wipe get into t a baby’s mouth…. babies don’t like the taste of them, someone had to put it there… I hope this baby and the mother get some justice and that this isn’t just hidden away… there could be other children at risk in this foster home. So sad for this woman’s double loss… prayers for her, hoping she gets her other child back so she can have someone to love and love her through this difficult time.

  • Deja Brew

    Nothing will get solved about this. DCS gets away with everything just like anything or anyone working for the government. Welcome to America, land of legal slavery and injustice!

  • Kim

    They need to do more research on Digeorge syndrome. I was born with it and my body functions just fine. This is why more awareness needs to be done on digeorge!! Dcs doesn’t even understand digeorge themselves much less the person that wrote this article!! The reason a person is slower w digeorge is probably because they had open heart surgery that goes along most of the time w having this syndrome! A baby simply does not just die from slow body function etc and a baby wipe in its mouth. I’m pregnant I guess dcs will come take my baby too since I have the same syndrome as this child. It is not hard to care for someone with this!! I’ve lived for 33 years went 25 years of my life w out knowing I had this!!

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