Woman Living In Fear Of South Memphis Gangs

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(Memphis) A South Memphis woman says she feels like a prisoner in her own home, afraid to come outside because of gangs.

She claims gang members have been intimidating and targeting her for months because she refuses to be a victim.

She's not the only one in fear living on East Alcy Road.

Helen Futrell says this is no way to live.

"Every day I live in fear for my life. I live like a prisoner.”

She says gangs have taken over her apartment complex in South Memphis and they've been targeting her because she has called the police.

“Beating up my car. Slashing my tires.”

Her side-view mirror has been knocked off, someone has ripped her car seats and stripped the car stereo, and even allowed a dog to defecate on the floor of the car.

Inside her apartment, window blinds are still chipped from a bullet that ripped through her kitchen.

“They shoot all the time. I was so nervous and so scared when they shot at my house, I was on my knees.  I was so scared to open the door for the Memphis police officer. I was so afraid."

However, she says she's not afraid to show her face in this story.

“No. I am not scared because I trust in God.”

“It’s not safe. It’s not a safe place to live,” said a man who wanted to remain anonymous.

Others worry they could get killed for speaking up.

“You don't know when something is going to happen to you. When a bullet is going to hit you.”

The man says he had to quit his job because of the violence because he says its too dangerous to come home to the Hillview Village apartments at 4 a.m.

Both Futrell and the man blame management.

“If your living conditions are out of control then people are out of control,” said the man.

“I want the world to know that Hellen Futrell has been living in fear for her life every day,” she said.

While Futrell, doesn't have money to move out, she says she and her three young children deserve to live in peace, “Because I have a right to live safe in my apartment.”

Police have responded to the Hillview Village apartments 12 times in the last month, for aggravated assault, robberies, burglaries, and five complaints of intimidation.


  • Deja Brew

    Soooo will anything get done about this or did y’all just put this on the news for entertainment??! It’s obvious that people lives are on the line! I forgot, it’s Memphis, y’all won’t do anything until it escalates into a homicide. I forgot Memphis loves murders. I feel for this woman and wish I could help her.

  • Jackson Bean

    I feel for this woman. I hope she gets out. The reason black communities are like this is because there are no decent, fathers with a backbone where they live. In white neighborhoods the men wouldn’t put up with these punks. Nobody is going to stand on my street corner and sell drugs. All the men would stop it. Ur men are a disgrace.

    • terrie

      Not sure if a backbone is wht the black fathers need. I’d start w/a box of comdoms. I hope this lady gets help BUT, why did the man quit his job? Why didnt he move? IF these two saw who waws doing all this then they need to tell the police. THEY are harboring these punks.

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