Three Men Arrested For Robbing Contractors In Frayser

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(Memphis) Memphis police have three young men in jail and are looking for a fourth person who they say robbed contractors working on a house in Frayser.

It happened November 27th, but police just tracked down Christopher Alexander, who police say played a part in the crime.

Court documents show the criminals forced the workers to lay down on the floor at gun point

Two of the alleged robbers were caught the same night of the crime because they were seen running into a house on the same street where they committed the crime, but it took police a while to catch the third suspect.

A Frayser couple says the robbers used their yard to get away.

“They just ran across the yard here after they robbed the guys,” said Nathaniel Alexander.

“They ran across the yard, past this truck and ran up there to the house up there, the blue house,” said Bridgette Patterson.

Officers caught Carleess Willis and Gregerio Dodson in the house just minutes after the crime.

Now police have one more person in jail, Alexander.

Police say all three of them, along with a fourth suspect, held up the contractors, who were working in a vacant house on Chattering Lane.

Armed with guns, police say they forced the workers to lay on the floor, robbing them of an iPhone, cash and jewelry.

When the robbers bolted, the victims came outside and saw them run into a house a few doors down.

“All the police went flying to the house,” said Patterson.

Alexander says he was tempted to shoot at the men as they ran across his yard.

“You have a gun and you could have shot them?” asked teporter Sabrina Hall.

“Of course I have a gun. Who doesn't have a gun? For the house and protection,” said Alexander.

He says his family does what it can to help police and stay safe in what they call a dangerous neighborhood.

“We keep an alarm and bars on the house. It’s not safe,” said Patterson.

Willis and Alexander both have criminal histories but were on the street before getting locked-up again.

“What should be done?” asked Hall.

“Well, we need to get them a job or keep them locked up,” said Alexander. “Who knows the solution? I don`t.”

The men's bonds have been set at various amounts, all more than $60,000. Alexander has the highest at a quarter of a million dollars.


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