Another Suspect Charged In Contractor Murder

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(Memphis) Memphis police charged another person in the murder of a contractor.

Tuesday police charged 17-year-old Thomas Moss, Jr., with first-degree murder and perpetration of an aggravated robbery.

Police say 15-year-old Derek Cunnigham and 16-year-old Corey Sandifer robbed and killed J.P. Shelley while he worked on a house in Parkway Village last October.

We're told Sandifer admitted to his involvement.

Cunningham, the accused gunman, claims he was there but did not take part in the robbery.

A third suspect, Terrell Johnson, was released Monday night.

His mother said all along she was fighting for him, because she knew he was not there.

"I kept saying it thought and I kept nailing it in there, and kept nailing it in there and kept nailing it in there," Hope Chambers said.

Even Johnson's attorneys, who deal with plenty of mothers who say their children are innocent, knew something didn't add up.

"What's the story about the crumb trails? There were crumbs all along, we followed the crumbs," attorney James Sanders said.

Johnson, an admitted gang member, says he now has a second chance.

"Go to school, go to college...Do something better with my life instead of just sitting around," he said.


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