Proposed Pay Raise For SCS Board Fails At First Reading

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(Shelby County) A proposed $20,000 pay raise for Shelby County Schools board members failed at its first of three readings.

The proposal needed nine votes to pass. Monday's vote was seven county commissioners for and six against it.

Commissioner Mike Ritz said there's never a good time for a pay raise, so that's why they should do it now.

Commissioner Terry Roland said, "I question a lot of things about this. First, the motive."

He then said that some commissioners want the raise to help pay back money for the lawsuit, asking, "Do you see how bad this looks?!"

Commissioner Chris Thomas urged the commissioners not to support the pay raise, saying the timing is bad.

Commissioner Heidi Shafer also said the school board members weren't there to rally for the raise, and that she would like to look at the issue again in a year.

It took an hour for commissioners to vote against pay raises for the mayor, sheriff, county clerk, assessor and themselves.

Commissioners also voted to hand over fourteen libraries to the city, and voted against expanding the Cook Convention Center.

The passion continued when people waited nearly five and a half hours to let the commission know they wanted Administrator of Elections Richard Holden gone.

"It's about the integrity of the election process. If we don't have that then what value are we to the community," said one Shelby County voter.

Holden was put on probation after hundreds of people complained about the election process in August.

The commission ended the six-hour meeting expressing "no confidence" in Holden. It was a symbolic vote. They hope it encourages the election commission to take action against him.

Monday night was Commissioner Wyatt Bunker's last meeting. He is now the Lakeland Mayor. Interviews for his seat will be held January 8 at the commission work session.


  • Nonya Bidness

    A raise for having the worst school district in the state? In 5 years SCS will be worse than MCS so they want to get the money now because when the reports start rolling out it will be impossible to get it passed then!#MemphisSchoolsSuck

  • ricki32273

    We went from having a great school district to having a terrible one after the combining with MCS. Why should we pay for a bad job???? I don’t get a raise if I do badly at MY job.

  • Don

    Now is not the time for raising salaries folks, we are having hard times, Maybe in 3 or 4 years, by then you might see how the board members work out and the commissioners might want to offer them a modest raise. I wouldn’t think a $20.000 raise would be out of the question at anytime.
    I don’t know who decided the board needed a raise, but I don’t believe the taxpayers can stand much more taxing.

  • jeremy

    Why not take the proposed raise and give it to the teachers and people actually doing the footwork of educating our children? Last time I checked I haven’t ever heard of an overpaid teacher! Give me a break!

  • Tack

    We have plenty of money to run the schools if we didn’t have so much overhead and so little actual work being done! Not to mention the ignorant parents who thing school should teach manners, right from wrong, and guarantee a job upon high school graduation.

  • Deb

    Pay the teachers who are in the schools everyday teaching our children. I don’t understand how the board thinks they deserve a raise with all the money troubles the school system is having already. Makes no sense whatsoever.

  • Terri

    When these folks ran for office, they knew from the get go how much it paid and what the demands of the job would be. I assume they ran because they wanted to contribute to the county schools. It is insane that anyone is being offered a raise when no one requested it and there have been lay-offs in all divisions from teachers, to aids, to custodial staff. Perhaps we need to rethink who sits on the County Commission and start a new with their seats!

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