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Bar Could Face Lawsuit In DUI Wreck That Killed 13-Year-Old

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(Memphis) Things turned deadly at Hacks Cross and Meadow Vale Drive early Sunday.

Deputies say 27-year-old Quincy Johnson got to the intersection and lost it, driving across three lanes of traffic and running into the path of a Ford Tempo with two adults, an 18-month-old, and 13-year-old inside.

It was a deadly endingĀ  for one of those children -- 13-year-old Hezekiah Keyon Moss, a student at Germantown Middle School, who suffered head injuries and later died at the hospital.

The others in the car survived.

Deputies who responded to the accident say Johnson, who wasn't hurt, admitted he had been drinking.

"He looked like he might have been intoxicated. He took a breathalyzer. It did show he had consumed alcohol and was intoxicated," said Chip Washington, with the Shelby County Sheriff's Department.

Johnson registered .083 on the breath test, over the .08 DUI limit.

Johnson said he had been to the A-Game Restaurant and Bar at Winchester and Ross roads before the accident. He had a large vodka drink called Ciroc Obama.

Officers said he had bloodshot eyes, slurred speech, and was unsteady on his feet.

Attorney Jeff Rosenblum has tried cases like this before and says the restaurant that served Johnson could very well face a civilĀ  charge, if 13-year-old's family pursues it.

"If a bar owner or bartender serves alcohol to someone they shouldn't serve alcohol to or they keep serving that person to a level where it is obvious they are intoxicated and allows that person to leave their bar, there can be civil liability," said Rosenblum.

It would be up to Hezekiah's family to pursue any civil charges.

They are dealing with their loss, which they planned to talk about in a news conference Monday evening.

Hezekiah's school, Germantown Middle, had grief counselors on hand to help students Monday.

Johnson has been charged with one count of vehicular homicide and vehicular assault.


    • bmw120

      And so should cell phone companies, yet they are never sued. They enable people to be irresponsible drivers, but nothing ever happens to them. If the bar can be sued so should cell phone companies, car companies, the parents for breeding, etc., etc.

    • bmw120

      and the farmer that grew the sugar and the company that made the bar stools and so on and so on, we need to let all the prisoners out of jail because I’m sure we can all blame someone/something else for all the bad things that go on. We need to throw away personal responsibility, get rid of cops, courts and all laws.

  • Skeptimist

    By the time the police use their breathalyzer it’s too late.
    Without a breathalyzer, neither a driver nor a bartender can reliably tell the difference between a legal blood level of .079 and an illegal level of .083. (The difference would be about a thimbleful of alcohol in the 13-pint bloodstream of a 200-lb. man.) Furthermore, actual impairment of critical faculties at any given blood alcohol level is too variable and deceptive for an accurate estimate by a drinker or an observer.

    The only certain number for blood alcohol level when driving is ZERO.
    Anything over that opens the threshold to tragedy… where the morticians and lawyers take over.

  • jeremy

    Anyone who drinks understands…I can have a large glass of vodka at the bar and leave in absolute sobriety. 20 minutes later…it hits you. My point, The bar shouldn’t be held responsible in this case as the driver could have legitimately been completely sober when he left .All penalties or suits should be directly the responsibility of the driver.If we sue everyone we can blame there would be no economy!

  • evette

    What is this world coming to….
    fat people suing restaurants
    smokers suing tobacco companies
    people going after the bar that sold alcohol to the drunk driver…

  • Buckwheat

    Rollin down Beale Street, smoking endo, sippin on gin an juice…laid back with my mind on Obama and Obama on my mind….

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