Deputies Still Looking For Cordova Robber

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(Memphis) The hunt for a robber who pulled a gun on a woman in her own home is still on.

A chopper searched from the air and dozens of deputies scoured the streets of Cordova, but he hasn’t been found.

The robber pointed a gun at the woman Wednesday night when she found him in her house.

It happened on Showboat Lane off Whitten.

Deputies may have some solid evidence to work with, perhaps fingerprints. The robber apparently dropped the stolen goods before he got away.

Shelby County deputies continued to patrol the streets in the neighborhood Thursday where people say they're afraid of who might still be out there.

“Unsafe,” said Carrie Flynn. “I am going to be a prisoner in my home.”

“Did you lock your doors?” asked reporter Sabrina Hall.

“Of course,” said Rozelle Honorable. “It made me think it was something more than a robbery with all that going on.”

Deputies say the burglar became a robber when he pointed a gun in her face.

“She screamed and ran out of the house,” said Chip Washington with the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office. “She was able to evade that and he took off down the street.”

Deputies searched the area near Whitten Road and Shelby Farms while they say the criminal dumped the stolen goods.

“I think we found part of a television set,” said Washington.

Thursday, the victim didn't want to share her story with the news.

“Obviously she is very shaken up and very upset by this whole thing, as any of us would be,” said Washington.

Neighbors are finding some peace that the sheriff's department is not giving up the search.

“We always have had a good presence of the sheriff’s department in our neighborhood,” said Flynn.

“As the old saying goes, 'you can run but you can`t hide',” said Washington.

Deputies are asking people to keep a watchful eye on your neighborhoods during this holiday season because it's a time when burglaries and robberies often increase.

So far, the sheriff's department says it hasn't seen an increase in this types of crimes in Shelby County, at least not yet.


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