Mississippi Attorney General Clarifies Gun Law

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(DeSoto County, MS) Gun owners in Mississippi will tell you, the many shifts in state gun law this year have been too confusing to keep up with.

Monte Dabbs hears it at his gun shop almost every day.

"It’s very hard to understand what’s going on. One minute it’s this, the next minute it’s that.”

What’s the problem? Law officers believe it comes down to the three separate, but unequal, levels of gun rules.

"A lot of the confusion comes with the open carry versus the regular permit versus the enhanced carry,” said Southaven Deputy Police Chief Steve Pirtle.

All those different categories have different rules and separate levels of privilege.

Many cities tried to take a ‘one size fits all’ approach, with signs on city buildings banning guns.

City leaders in Corinth wanted to adopt an ordinance prohibiting firearms in some areas, making no distinction between open or concealed weapons, so they asked for an Attorney General’s opinion.

The official opinion lays out 13 places where local governments may not ban guns for “advanced” permit holders.

They include courthouses, schools, churches, airports and even places that serve alcohol.

Southaven's Deputy Police Chief says the city will likely keep its signs in the hopes that everyone will comply.

"We’re hoping that even the enhanced carry will avoid those areas, but we can’t force ‘em, no, no.”

That’s doing little to appease gun owners, who say only a court challenge will clear up these murky rules.

”Until there’s a clear ruling on it, it’s gonna keep on,” explained Dabs.

You can download or view the Attorney General’s opinion here.


  • Thomas H. Evans

    So for those who are forever screaming about our rights under the Second Amendment, why on earth wouldn’t you be able to carry your gun where ever you go if you now have a “Gun Carry Permit?” So I am going to pay someone money to go through a training session in order to get a permit that will only allow me to keep my gun in my house; this makes no sense whatsoever. I understand the concern people have about some being allowed to carry a weapon on them in public places, but it really comes down to if we can’t carry it, then why the need for the permit?

  • mark

    (THE) good point my friend. Look at the list of prohibited places. churches (can’t bring no guns ’round god now can we) and schools (omigosh if someone has a gun all our kids are gonna diiiiie) typical Liberal thinking. See these are the same libs who go to church every Sunday because they went to the Liquor store and casino on Saturday.

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