Germantown Aldermen Approve Deal With SCS

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(Germantown, TN) The Germantown Board of Aldermen unanimously approved a deal with Shelby County Schools for use of school buildings in its new district.

SCS will retain Germantown Elementary, Middle and High schools, while Germantown will keep five other school buildings.

The city will pay SCS $355,453 annually for 12 years.

"I think part of this city had been hurt by the board tonight," one Germantown resident said.

Only one other person showed up to complain publicly, but there's much more anger out there.

"How do hard working people always get the raw end of the deal?"

That deal means Germantown Elementary, Middle, and High schools will stay under county control next year when Germantown starts its own district.

It's the exact thing Germantown residents wanted the city to change, because they were worried it would pit on zip code in the city against the other.

Germantown resident Don Adams said, "Would you want to move into 38138 or would you rather mover into 38139 where your kids are a lot closer to the schools?"

The city of Germantown called the deal adequate, admitting they approved the deal because they couldn't get any better.

"You have to recognize the decision rests more with SCS than it does with our desire," Germantown Mayor Sharon Goldsworthy said.

But is it a done deal?

It now heads to the school board, where Chairman Lisa Parker says they support the mayor, but aren't convinced.

"There's got to be some other options," she said. "There's just got to be people upset the the Shelby County Board is holding all the cards."

As it stands, Germantown still plans to educate Collierville students who attend Houston Middle and High in some sort of agreement with them.

Current Germantown High School seniors will get the chance to finish there or transfer to Houston. The mayor says there's enough space for everyone.

So now what?

Perhaps the best advice comes from Coach Leroy Walker, who was honored as Teacher of the Month by the city Monday.

This year was hist last to get that honor. He works at Germantown Middle, and won't be joining the new district, so he'll watch many of his students go.

"There's possibly a healing period, but we know we have good principal, teachers and parents," Walker said. We're going to do well."


  • dean drewery

    Its all about Money and Race. The same thing its always about. GT has the money to build another school, so do and kiss SCS good bye.

  • Mad Dad

    I am sure the Aldermen do not have any kids going to the three schools.
    And to say oh well to the people in the 38138 zip code. What is next. You going to let the City of Memphis annex us. Shame on you. Do not come knocking on my door the next time you need some votes.

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