Women Jump Off Icy Bridge to Avoid Getting Hit by Car

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(Memphis) Three women are recovering from injuries after jumping off a bridge to avoid getting hit by a car.

It happened early Saturday morning during the icy weather.

According to police, a woman was involved in a car accident on Walnut Grove near Humphreys Blvd. She lost control of her car and struck another vehicle that had also been involved in a separate crash.

Two other women stopped to help when someone hit a car nearby.

That sent the vehicle sliding towards the women.

All three jumped off the bridge and landed on the frozen ground below.

Two of the victims were taken to The Med in critical condition.

The third woman was taken to Baptist East for treatment.

The crashes are still under investigation.


  • Debra Gaddy

    This absolutely breaks my heart!!! God Please Heal them all!!! Prayers are sent to all of you and your famly’s!!

  • stu a

    That is partially true. I was the first one at the scene that witness the first accident in front of me. One car slid on the ice and crossed the median and slammed into the car in front of me. I pulled over at the end of the overpass to avoid being hit. I left my car and walked down to see if anybody needed help. The girl in the car that was hit was stunned but ok. The guy who hit her came to her car frantic and apologetic and said he lost control on the ice. At this point, all hell broke loose. Cars were crashing and sliding into each other very quickly. I along with the guy in the first accident walked toward three girls who had gotten out of their car to help when another car slammed into a car near them forcing the car that was hit to swerve in the girls direction causing them to jump. After this happened, I told my wife to call 911. I then walked over by where the girls had jumped and turn on my. CEll flashlight and pointed it down over the edge of the overpass to see if the were alright. I saw the three of them laying on their backs moaning in pain. One girl was talking but I couldn’t understand what she was saying. I yelled down to them that help was on it way. While all this was going on, more cars were coming up on the overpass unaware of what had happened. All I heard were cars crashing. I then decided to call 911 to get help in closing down the overpass so no one else would be hurt. 911 put me thru to the fire and paramedics and then they were dispatched. I then took my cell phone flaslight and walked down the middle of the overpass down to the light flagging down approaching cars to have them turn around and not continue on to the overpass. Finally a police car arrive, I explained the situation and told him he needed to block access to the overpass. He looked at me blankly and said ok. By that time fire and paramedics were arriving to take care of the injured. I would like to get on the record as to state that there were at least 8 to 15 vehicles involved in the accidents that night. Many left the scene, which I believe is a felony. The car that struck the car which caused the girls to jump knew that these girls jumped and left the scene without helping. I had also told a police officer at the scene that I had witnessed the incident and he told me that I would have to wait. One final note, all cars except one slowed and turned around. The one that didn’t hit the first car in the accident and injured his wife when he wrecked.

    • grayhawk

      You witness all of this an forgot to get the tags of
      the people that kept going,a wanted bee cop is
      no good.
      I thank God the lady were are save by grace I would
      have jump with them also.

    • Mike


      This is MetLife investigating the accident. I would appreciate if you can contact me to discuss this loss. 800-854-6011 EXT 8221. Thank you

  • tyler davis

    my mom was one of the women that fell. im 14 and when i saw my mom at the med today i felt so bad for her. she is in a great amount of pain. she broke her left arm, had a minor concussion, broke a few ribs, and damaged 2 discs in her back.

    • S

      My sister was with her. We were wondering how she was, my sister is in Baptist East and, thankfully she had only minor injuries but her friend is at the Med a lot worse. I am praying for your mother.

  • stu a

    To greyhawk. Sorry, I was more concerned sbout people not gettjing hurt thsn following up on people in memphis who cannit do the right thing. I never said I wanted to be a wanna be cop. I understand your concern about not getting tag numbers, I will remember that the next time it happens along with taking videos! Untill you are in that situation I feel your opinion really doesn’t count!

    • grayhawk

      Well boo-who 2 you,an cry me a river,I’m glad all victims will be ok!
      Remember, it’s not about you! Forgetting Tags # an taking video
      Plus have you proofread what you just written on this blog you
      cannot spell who help you with your grammar,your Drunk Child).

      Love U 2

  • Iris

    Stu, I think you did everything possible in the situation you were in. I am very glad you weren’t hurt also. I know hind sight is 20/20, but if the person ranting about you not getting license numbers had been the one in your position, I seriously doubt if he could have done more than you did.
    When things like this happen most of us go into panic mode..a few into defensive mode. I just want to say Thank You for caring enough to try to help. So many do not.
    Prayers for those hurt and a thankful prayer for you. God Bless.

  • raven watson

    Stu, I was one of the girls in the accident and I appreciate everything you did to help. If I had been in your situation I wouldn’t have remembered tag numbers either. You did plenty. And I know I and my friend who was with me appreciate your help. And grayhawk, I really don’t think you can judge until you were in his shoes. In times of crisis, it is hard to focus on more than one thing. Those people who drove off were clearly just bad people. Once again thank you Stu for all your help. It was much appreciated.

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