Shelby County Schools Open Monday

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  • Matthew Jacobson

    This is ridiculous, we have teenagers and adults driving to school on wet roads, which if the wet roads were not dangerous enough, most of the roads that have to be driven on are narrow, sharp turns, and more soaked than a regular road due to the ice melting from the trees. Also we know teenagers are the most risky drivers. I myself as a teenagers can honestly say I make stupid mistakes while driving. It’s not safe for everyone.

  • Geno

    I would like to say that the young man above has a point. As a veteran of the Shelby county school system, I believe that school should be closed due to the constant and over bearing stupidity of high schoolers. #swag

  • tiger

    It appears that the kids just want another day off to do nothing but talk on their phones. How about all the people who have to get up and go to work because if their boss can make it to work, they expect their employees to do the same.

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