Crews Tackle Up to 10,000 Reported Power Outages in North Mississippi

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(DeSoto County, MS) Some people in North Mississippi will go without power another night. The deep freeze knocked out electricity to thousands of homes.

Crews have been working around the clock to get the lights back on.

"They didn't think this stuff was going to hit, but it did roll in. It got kind of slick here this morning! It's been bitter and cold," said Gene Norwood as he watched utility crews work to restore power in his Hernando neighborhood.

Norwood lost heat in his home overnight.

"Fortunately, I've got a fireplace and plenty of wood. We've been chucking the wood all day long," said Norwood.

Up to 10,000 homes, mainly in DeSoto and Marshall Counties, lost power.

"The ice damage is worse in Mississippi than in most places in Arkansas," said Mississippi Public Service Commissioner Brandon Presley. "Crews have been preparing for this. In fact, crews from all over the state are here to help."

It took crews 16 hours to restore power to about 2,500 homes.

Some areas took longer than others depending on the damage. It took crews several hours to restore power on North Parkway after the ice snapped a massive tree in half and knocked over a pole and transformer.

"[The temperature] is not so bad yet, but it's getting there," said Travis Phipps who also lost power in his home.

Phipps waited anxiously to get electricity.

"We will be glad when News Channel 3 comes back on, let me tell you!" said Phipps.

Crews said they underestimated the storm that came through Saturday night, but they were ready for the worst. They will take shifts overnight and into Monday.

They are hoping to have everyone's power back on by Monday night.