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Cancellations Impact Local Businesses

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(Shelby County, TN) Several events, like the St. Jude Marathon were cancelled Saturday, putting a damper on businesses all over the Mid-South that had anticipated a little holiday boost.

Employees at Bluff City Coffee on South Main had planned on thousands converging on downtown Memphis, but had to settle for the neighborhood crowd.

Lucky for them, the neighborhood crowd, was out in force, and hungry.

”I’m sure we’re taking some loss today, but as you can see behind me, we’re really busy with downtowers that want hot coffee and pastries this morning” said David Adams of Bluff City Coffee.

Even without the marathon shot-in-the-arm, he predicted a good day profit-wise.

But the marathon wasn’t the only big event business owners depended on.

Christmas Parades in several communities got cancelled Saturday as forecasters predicted another wave of ice by sundown.

”It’s always a good event in Arlington when we have the Christmas parade,” explained Donna Birdsong of Sassafras Designs on the Arlington, Tennessee square.

Arlington Christmas parade planners say people come from miles around to hear the bands, see the floats and watch the Christmas tree lighting in the town square, but the threat of another ice storm forced them to call it all off.

Business people will tell you such events are important to their bottom line.

”It’ll affect our whole day. The bottom line is, people won’t be out. They’ll be going different directions. They won’t be coming to the square,” said Birdsong.

That means fewer sales at a time when stores like hers can make the majority of their profit for the whole year.

Still, most business owners say they’re keeping the holiday spirit and looking on the bright side.

”Of course I'll be able to make up for it. We’re hoping so. We have a loyal customer base and we’re hoping that people will support this small town," said the Sassafras Designs owner.

Besides, she says we have more than two weeks before Christmas.