Price-Gouging Protection

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(Memphis) Anytime the weather gets nasty outside, so do crooks looking to take advantage of consumers.

The ice storm is already making its way across the Mid-South and we hope price-gouging doesn't follow.

Price gouging laws only go into effect after a state of emergency is declared, which both Tennessee and Arkansas did ahead of time.

The law basically says people can't charge unreasonable prices for essential goods and services during an emergency.

This can range from gas and food to blankets and medicine.

Arkansas gets even more specific and caps price increases during emergencies at ten percent.

Also, the ban on price-gouging in Arkansas remains in effect for at least 30 days, and 180 for home repairs.

To avoid price gouging, shop around as much as you can, don't rush into repairs if you need them and stay away from door to door, storm chasing repair offers.

To report suspected price-gouging:

Tennessee -call (615) 741-4737 or fill out this form.

Arkansas - call (501) 682-2341 or fill out this form.