Cautious Drivers Avoid Bill Morris Parkway

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(Memphis) Concrete freezes much faster than black top, Meaning, bridges ice faster in icy conditions.

With several bridges on Highway 385, it's one of the most dangerous spots drives in Memphis.

Not too many people crossed Bill Morris Parkway Friday morning and afternoon.

Just the threat of ice being on the bridge kept people off it and onto the streets.

Driver Colleen Stephens filled up on gas only to stay in for the day. She doesn't like ice.

“I'm from Pennsylvania. I can drive on it pretty good, but I know people down here aren't use to it,” said Stephens.

Driving around all day Friday, News Channel 3 didn't see significant ice on Highway 385; even though bridges freeze quicker than streets.

TDOT expects to heavily treat Bill Morris Parkway and other roads in the Memphis Metro later Friday night, spraying a potato and salt brine mixture through Saturday morning.

“We're pretty much out here making sure the bridges don't ice over, making sure the roads don't ice over, if they do, we drop salt down as quick as possible,” said TDOT driver Raymond Johnson. Johnson has done this for eight years, 385 is his route.

“I got family out here that's got to get back and forth to work. Anything I can do to make that happen, I'm good with it,” said Johnson.

Even though the roads aren’t too bad now, he expects them to be.

“Don't be on the road if you ain't got to. If you absolutely have to go somewhere, if the speed limit is 55 go 40,” advised Johnson.

Reginald Maxwell doesn't plan on driving 385 anymore this weekend. He's got a donut on his car.

“Traffic can really back up, that's where people slide off the road. I seen a couple of cars pull over with their hazard lights on,” said Maxwell.


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