What You Need To Stay Prepared In An Ice Storm

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(Memphis) WREG put together a list of supplies you will need to get through this icy threat. It wasn't easy finding some of the items.

Many stores across the Mid-South are sold out of salt, generators and ice scrapers.

Shelby County emergency crews suggest you fill up before the weather gets bad, so that was the first thing on our list.

The lines were long at a Lakeland gas station. Some people waited a half an hour to get to the pump.

"The line is just backed up! I've been waiting five minutes. I'll be here another 15," said one customer.

We went to a hardware store in Raleigh to get the rest of the items on our list.

Within minutes, we found water, a first-aid kit, batteries, windshield de-icer and a flashlight.

We couldn't find ice melt or a generator. We were told most stores are out of them until they get an emergency shipment Friday.

It seems like other shoppers faced a lot of the same obstacles.

"There's none in Covington. None in Millington and none in Memphis," said a customer looking for a portable heater.

"I've gone to several stores and every shelf has been empty. Some boxes have been opened. Supplies are just really low in all those stores around. I'm happy I was able to find some things just to be," said another customer.

Ice scrapers were also on our list. Not many stores carry them. Only a few AutoZones said they had some left.


  • Richard Cranium

    Once again, the self-appointed experts at channel 3 come to the rescue! Don’t know what I’d do without them and their over-hyping weathermen being “on my side.” (yes, sarcasm).

    But then again, WREG’s target audience is typically the most ill-informed segments of Memphis and Arkansas. Seriously, if people need to be told what to do in case their power goes out and roads get a little icy, then I’ve lost all faith in humanity.

    And what list is complete without beer? If we’re gonna have to listen to Timmy Simpson go on and on about armageddon, we’re gonna need at least a 12’er.

  • Misty

    @ Richard. It’s called…..helping out your fellow neighbor with ideas on things they may have forgotten. It’s always good to have these supplies on hand anyway, and not wait until last minute. Losing all faith in humanity? Just because some people may need ideas? You may be too proud to accept suggestions, but that’s your issue….not humanities. If it happens, well then great. We’re prepared best we can be. If not? Well we have added to our disaster supplies so it’s a win win scenario. The residents of New Orleans were given suggestions on things needed before Katrina. I’m sure it was the same situation where some were too proud, but some were thankful……. as is everywhere. I’m also sure that the ones that were NOT too proud to take advice, were the ones that didn’t run out of supplies on the first day. Never be too proud to take advice, and if you are….why judge others for taking advice? These are merely suggestions. It’s up to us whether or not we take them. Would you rather be staggering around singing…. too proud to take advice but, “Ain’t too Proud to Beg” with a beer in each hand….or be completely prepared best you can? This is just my opinion of course, just as your reply was your opinion. Have a blessed day.

  • Richard Cranium

    @ Misty. Calm down, take a chill a pill, and have a cocktail. Re-read my earlier post. It isn’t directed at people affected by disaster; it’s a simple mockery of WREG and their constant need to be “on our side” and remind us daily of trivial non-issues. They’ve been predicting an apocalypse for a week straight. It’s all hype; nothing significant is going to happen. But over-hype is the norm for channel 3. I mean, my god, any time there is a chance of a thunderstorm in the forecast, the weathermen always mention the phrase “threat of severe weather” without fail. All news stations are guilty over over-hype, scare tactics, but channel 3 takes the cake, hands down. Check out the commercials Fox 13 does with their weatherman (who used to work at channel 3), taking cheap shots at them over their hype. WREG is tabloid journalism at at best. Hell, they hold contests to give away money to viewers for watching their newscasts…all in an attempt to win the sweeps against channel 5. Now, if you can’t understand where I’m coming from with this critique, then I really have lost all faith in humanity.

  • Joe Williams

    Well channel 3, here in the greater Memphis area, the area you are supposed to cover, you may want to do a story for the helpless in your audience on how to prepare for flash flooding with all of this RAIN!!!!!!!

    @ Richard, you nailed it on the head with your last post…

    @ Misty, you sound like you need guidance and suggestions just to get by on a day to day basis… typical libtard mentality!!!

  • janeqcitizen

    My spouse & I took a CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) class-several years ago & now train others in emergency preparedness. We give emergency radios, 1st aid kits, flashlights, & other supplies to our adult children & friends for ALL occasions. This Christmas we will add to their supplies. We’re never at a loss what to give as gifts. Have SAFE Holidays………..

  • Misty

    @ Richard, true…very true on the over-hype, lol. I do agree. I don’t even watch the news ( or much TV for that matter….especially since it’s controlled, if you know what I mean). I do, however, see the previews and advertisements, so yes..I agree. Just happened to see this video while checking in on their opinion of the incoming ice and it reminded me of the many elderly people, and others I’ve encountered while working alongside them, that would need help with preparing for situations where they could be without power. @ Joe, whatever you think bud, lol. Weather is the least of my concerns, as I storm chase. With 5 children, I’m pretty much prepared for just about anything and nothing surprises me anymore , haha. Just by your comment “typical libtard mentality”….sounds like you’re into the false politics scene…which I take no part in. That’s an entirely different subject I won’t delve into. ;) That’s all yours man….more power to ya, as I meant no harm in my comment. Like I stated, just an opinion, and I value others opinions as well. Maybe I came off differently, but that’s not my intention. Now that the “ice storm” has passed lol, we can get on with our day to day lives. Happy Holidays to you and yours. Stay blessed :)

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