Threat Of Ice Good For Businesses

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(Memphis) The threat of bad weather in the Mid-South is good news for businesses selling items needed to keep people safe and warm.

At one Target store in East Memphis people have been buying up starter logs, batteries and flashlights, just in case an ice storm takes out their power.

People have also been looking for winter hats, gloves and coats and in the grocery aisle the bread has been selling like hotcakes.

"We are having to restock all those supplies that are needed in the house," said Antoni Poux.

Even though stores like Target are busier than usual today, that could all change when the winter weather moves in Friday.

Target, though, says no matter what they will be keeping their doors open and are encouraging customers to come shop when the roads are safe.

"Tomorrow might be a good day to shop to avoid the crowds," said Antoni Poux.

Business may be down for a day our two, but employees are confident customers will be back in droves to finish their Christmas Shopping.