Blytheville Prepares For The Ice Storm

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(Blytheville, AR) Just after 7:30 p.m., the skies finally opened.

A heavy band of ice cold rain fell to the ground, creating big puddles and whipping wind in northeastern Arkansas.

It's setting the stage for what residents say will be a very difficult few days, or perhaps much more.

"I put my oil in it and making sure my fluids and all is right," said Eddie Thomas.

He joined many people jockeying for space at the gas pump.

People hit up the stores, preparing for days, even weeks, inside.

Power crews are already out, since ice forming on power lines is a big concern here in Blytheville.

And that's not the only concern.

"We want everybody to stay in the house but some people just got to get out and we're prepared for it," said Deon Robinson.

Robinson of Blytheville Fire and Rescue says they've been preparing for all hands on deck this weekend.

"We got our generators and everything set up loading up fuel cans", said Robinson.

Some say it may seem a little excessive, and they hope it is.

But big ice storms have hit here before, and almost everyone who remembers them say they're nothing nice.