Two Wanted For Trying To Rob Woman At Home Depot

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(Memphis) Two men are wanted for an attempted armed robbery outside a busy Home Depot.

Police say the men approached a woman in the store’s parking lot on Stage Road near Covington Pike Sunday.

They pointed a gun at her and demanded money.

The woman started screaming, and the men fled in a small white car.

If you know who these guys are, call Crime Stoppers at 528-CASH.


    • JVIN

      Yea we need pics!! Probably your people? This family is too protective to have some punks try test our own. Just a matter of time, and theyll be headed to 201 by way of the med

  • Anonymous

    Why does it even matter all of these dumb remarks. An innocent women had a gun put to her head… How would you feel if it happened to you. And yes pictures would be great! That way these wanna be gangsters can be caught and put where they belong!

    • Braden

      Where they belong like 99.9% of these violent urban leeches is in the ground. Then and only then when these domestic terrorists are thinned out memphis like many other cities can become great cities again.

  • Ron Shaffer

    Eventually a carry permit will be targeted and these thugs will be no more. I for one and glad to see so many patriots legally carrying and taking back our city from these low lifes.

  • Geroge Dubya Bushit

    The recial divide in Memphis keeps these types of robberies going. Just by looking at the comments, you can tell that the whites, jews, etc have not changed their thinking. Truthfully, Memphis is still in the 1960’s civil rights era although it is 2013. Memphis will continue to fail economically and politically until all of the people (regardless of race) can come together and work for the greater good of the city and surrounding areas.

    • hateliberalcommies

      Dubya: what a load of junk,,the racial divide as you call it has happened because of the majority black in memphis,,the thinking of racism is rampant here and it is mostly by blacks. Apparently you can’t see that or by your comments are one of the racist I’m talking about.

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