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New App Aims To Lower Infant Mortality Rates In Memphis

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(Memphis) It's called B4BaByLife and it's the latest Android and iPhone App that puts information at a parent's fingertips.

As a first time mom of a 19-month-old, Eshana ONeal is ready for all the help she can get.

"Being a mother is great because you love your child, but it is pretty expensive. It's a little frustrating sometimes," says ONeal.

It's why the Shelby County Health Department created its first mobile app to put parenting tips at everyone`s fingertips.

B4BabyLife provides information and resources before, during and after pregnancy.

Click one screen and you get tips on safe sleeping positions, another gives moms things to do before a baby arrives to make sure everyone is healthy, and there is even a page dedicated to showing how fathers can help through pregnancy and birth.

"We always want to reach people where they are and where they are these days is on their smart phones, on their computers," says Yvonne Madlock with the Shelby County Health Department.

The app is also about a mission to reduce infant mortality in an area that has the highest in the country.

The idea  is that access to health information can make for a healthier mom and child.

"It's all of the things a woman needs to do to have a healthy pregnancy, from eating well, sleeping well, avoiding drugs and alcohol to taking folic acid," says Madlock.

"I think it's extremely convenient. It saves me a little time. I don't have a vehicle, I use public transportation. It will save me time going to the library and things like that. Saves me time. Just get on my iPhone and pull it up," says ONeal.

The app is absolutely free.

Go to your app store on your mobile phone and search for "B4BabyLife."

It is currently not available on the iPad.

The app is a work in progress, so look for more tips, links  and videos to be added in the future.


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